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Description For Our Services

I.CONFERENCING AND COLLABORATION: This solution extends from the desktop to the conference room, campus, mobile devices, and the web, enabling seamless collaboration across multiple locations.

II.MOBILITY: This solution enables employees to work and build customer relationships anytime, anywhere, across any device.

III.VIDEO CONFERENCING: This solution allows remote participants to join meetings through a high-quality video feed, making it feel like they are in the same room.

IV.CALL CONTROL & VOICE OVER IP (VOIP) SOLUTIONS: This solution provides reliable and cost-effective voice communication through IP networks.

V.MESSAGING SOLUTIONS: This solution provides instant messaging, voice messaging, and email capabilities through a single interface.

VI.BROADCAST/PAGING SOLUTIONS: This solution enables the distribution of messages to large groups of people, such as emergency alerts or announcements.

VII.TELEPRESENCE: This solution provides an immersive video conferencing experience that simulates being in the same room as the other participants.

VIII.COMMUNICATION GATEWAYS: This solution allows different communication networks to be connected, enabling seamless communication across different platforms.

IX.CONFERENCING & MEETING SERVER SOLUTIONS: This solution provides a centralized platform for scheduling and managing meetings, as well as providing tools for collaboration during the meetings.

X.VOICE RECORDING SOLUTIONS: This solution allows for the recording and archiving of voice conversations, which can be used for quality assurance or compliance purposes.

XI.SIP: This solution enables the transfer of multimedia sessions over IP networks, allowing for seamless communication between different devices.

XII.VOICE MAIL SOLUTIONS: This solution provides a centralized voice mailbox for employees, allowing them to receive and manage their voicemail messages.

XIII.CONTACT CENTRE SOLUTIONS: This solution provides a centralized platform for managing customer interactions, allowing for improved customer service and satisfaction.

XIV.ATTENDANT CONSOLE SOLUTIONS: This solution provides a centralized interface for managing incoming calls and directing them to the appropriate employee or department.