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Protecting property, offices, and data is paramount in today's world, and security systems play a vital role in achieving this goal. At Transline, we understand the importance of stringent surveillance technology to ensure the safety of your assets. Our security solutions come in various shapes and sizes and are customized to meet your specific needs, with high resolution and cost-effectiveness as standard features.

We offer a comprehensive range of security solutions and related services, including Cyber Security Solutions, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Surveillance Systems, CCTV Solutions, Power Fencing Solutions, Homeland Security Solutions, and Boom Barriers. Our solutions empower and protect security-conscious enterprises, providing peace of mind to our clients.

We help re-engineer Data Centre Infrastructure to align it with your business outcomes, addressing all technological challenges and maximizing your investments. Our software-defined Data Centre solutions allow workloads to run locally or in the cloud, providing increased business agility, optimized operational expenses, improved scalability and privacy, and enhanced data security and reliability. Our dedicated Data Centre services team provides round-the-clock support for your business processes and transactions.

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check Data Protection & BCP
check Non-IT infra DC Solutions
check DC Passive Structured Cabling solutions


Laptop, Desktop, All in one pc, work station, Tablet, PrinterRack Servers & Blade servers



SAN/NAS Storage, Flash Storage, Object storage



Operating Systems, Virtualization, EMS, Database & Migration tools


Data Protection & BCP

DR & replication solutions, Enterprise Backup & recovery Solutions


Non-IT infra DC Solutions

UPS, precision AC, Fire & safety, Access Control & BMS


DC Passive Structured Cabling solutions

Streamlined, reliable infrastructure for efficient data connectivity