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IRITech BK2121U dual IRIS Scanner

Quick Overview

 The IriShield BK 2121U features IriTech’s superior iris matching and iris image quality assessment algorithms to provide 

good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing 
true positive identication rates. The embedded algorithms can 
complete a matching query against 1,000 stored templates in 
0.5 second. 


Secure on-board processing: All key functions like iris capture, iris recognition, encryption and digital signature are done on-board in a secure environment. 
Secure data & communication: Each IriShield device has its own 2048 bit RSA key securely generated on-board for encryption and digital signature.
NIST-proven extremely accurate iris matching algorithm
Internal gallery: 1,000 iris templates (500 IDs)
Supported interface connections: USB, UART
Supported OS’s: Android/ Windows/ WinCE/ Linux/ eLinux/ Mac/proprietary OS/ Non-OS
  • Cost-effective
  • Ultra-compact, light weight
  • Supporting power management functions
  • FREE Software Development Kit (SDK)