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Fast Track Transport Erp

Quick Overview

Solution Architecture
Following table summarizes, set of software components that are being used to enable the Fast Track Solution.

  • Operating System Windows 2000 Server
  • Web Server Internet Information Server 4.0
  • Application Server Allaire JRun 3.1
  • Database Server Oracle 8i
  • Clients Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
  • System Architecture

The system is based on a typical n-tier based design architecture and hence utilizes all the advantages associated with n-tier systems. This system has a 4-tier architecture. Each layer and the components involved in each layer is summarized in the following table.

Tier Name Component Involved Output

  • Presentation Layer JSP, Java Servlets HTML
  • Business Logic Layer Java Beans (data)*
  • Data Services Stored Procedures and Materialized Views On Oracle 8i (data)*
  • Data Layer Data Store on Oracle (data)*

Transport ERP Solutions

As part of the challenge to provide excellent customer service, any logistics player needs access to real-time information on cargo shipments so that users can get the latest and most accurate information on shipments - from booking to delivery.

Fast Track, a total web integrated transportation solution is a comprehensive software with all possible modules clubbed, from booking of a consignment to delivery to unloading to accounts to MIS. It has online tracking & online control panel for branches. Fast Track is offered with 100% customization taking shape as per the workflow of the company.

Fast Track provides a booking and shipment tracking method, and produces accurate billing. This web-based tool gives real-time system access while relieving the offices from data center and network management to focus on their core competencies. Each Office has its own separate workspace, ensuring the confidentiality of its own operations and conduct electronic transactions between themselves and their associates.

All client offices will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of latest updations of the documents in their respective books. Transactions in the system will be conducted within the guidelines and parameters using business rules.

Fast Track architecture is open, scalable, and reliable. Based on this architecture and the feature-rich, leading edge functionalities, the client will be well connected.

Module Details

Fast Track, a total web integrated transportation solution is a comprehensive software with all possible modules clubbed, from booking of a consignment to delivery to unloading to accounts to MIS. It has online tracking & online control panel for branches.

Few of FastTrack Modules are as follows:


As the new online system would have a central database, all the entries done at any of the branches would be visible throughout the company (as applicable) immediately. All the sub-branches, branches, transshipment and divisional offices can use just a dial-up Internet connection to connect to the central server.


Designed with integrated components, Fast Track is a premier automated cargo tool with the following features:

Booking System - Effective use of the capacity control mechanisms in the booking system promotes increased revenue. Capacity is allocated for specific products and monitored for how well cargo is booked by product. Reports based on bookings are available to help in the planning and loading of cargo.

Tracking System - Shipment information can be tracked at the docket or unit level to receive the latest shipment status.

Operation Module

Unit System - A comprehensive unit control, inventory and tracking system is provided to support all container types. A user-friendly mask simplifies the interchange of units with other carriers, customers or maintenance providers.

Load Planning - The systems load planning tool facilitates set up and planning for cargo.

Trans-Shipments at the Terminal Warehouse - Built-in weight and balance edits are provided to ensure that proper planning is done.

Consignment Note Pricing - Data fed in the contract master is used to price consignment notes specific to the customer depending upon the terms enjoyed by the customer. In addition, the system supports automatic calculations of goods and services taxes.

Order Consolidation - Before the vehicle scheduling and routing step, orders may be consolidated to freight units in a preprocessing step. This combines only schedule lines from the same order with the same source, destination, and transportation group and the same requested delivery date.

Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling - It contains the following components: vehicle scheduling and routing, carrier selection, and tendering. It reduces transportation related costs, increases vehicle utilization, and improves on-time delivery of shipments. If the consignments are not sent by the correct/ optimal way, it results in payments of excess lorry hire for the material. Thus, effective planning and scheduling not only helps in optimizing operations but also higher customer satisfaction.


Todays highly competitive logistics industry requires timely access to real-time, competitive and profitable rates to maintain and improve profitability. Lack of accurate net revenue information and the inability to realize revenues as they are earned can impede the ability to compete with other players in the market.

The Fast Track Financial improves financial control, enhances decision-making and automates rating and processes. From the initial sales contact to final accounting action, it has the flexibility to calculate and report detailed, accurate and complete net revenue data as well as provide real-time rates to determine the revenue of each shipment.

The system provides a flexible and complete integration of revenue accounting with operational data, resulting in numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved ability to audit and control station & agent receivables
  • Increased control and accuracy of billings and collections resulting in shortened billing cycles and increased revenues
  • Expanded and detailed revenue analysis to provide management with accurate information
  • Improved efficiency by elimination of duplicate entry of accounting information
  • Enhanced speed and efficiency.
  • Raised productivity levels due to an easy-to-use graphical user interface.


Fast Track MIS provides top management-level critical information related to different areas of operations and finance. It helps the management to retrieve critical information about the organization and enables them to take informed decisions. It facilitates the management in framing future business strategies & company policies.

Through collaborative solutions for planning, reporting and analysis, MIS empowers companies to drive performance in tomorrows dynamic marketplaces.

Management can set various operations targets and measure deviations. Month wise budgets can be allocated for administrative expenses for each branch of the transporter. Various reports can be generated such as:

  • Cash Flow Report
  • Collections Report
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Budgeted Expenditure Vs. Actual Expenditure Report
  • Outstandings Report
  • Profitability In Rupees & Percentage Report
  • Staff Wise Performance Report
  • Projection Vs. Actual Growth Report
  • Inter Office Transfer Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • P&L Account


The Fleet Management Solution is developed with a view to handle all possible issues related to a fleet.

Using the Fleet Management Solution, the user can start by entering all the details of the vehicle in the system pertaining to registration, type of vehicle, permits and taxes paid, insurance, etc. These details would be of a static nature. Details that are recurring include vehicle trips, allocation and de-allocation of inventory items, maintenance, etc. Timely reminders eliminate lapsing of vital documents like Insurance, permits and driving license.

Inventory allocation and deallocation options such as tyres, lubricants and spare parts ensure effective fleet management. In addition various reports such as Monthly Performance Reports, Tyre Performance, Tyre Inventory, Vehicle Spare Purchase, Vehicle due Reports provide MIS for efficient fleet management.


Fast Track offers a sophisticated auditing module, which allows complete auditing reports of the cargo operations. Many fulfillment systems feature an audit module, however few provide the level of sophistication found in Fast Tracks Audit Module.

Different reports which can be generated using the Fast Track Audit Module include:

  • BFD Vs. Collections Report
  • Excess Paid Challans Report
  • Company Lorry Weight Loss Report
  • Administrative Expenses Vs. Budgeted Report
  • Unclaimed Goods Details Report
  • Lorry Hire Deduction Vs. Late Penalty Report
  • TDS Differences (Party) Report
  • TDS Differences (Lorry) Report
  • Margins Vs. Company Norms Report
  • Undelivered Consignments Details Report 


In todays knowledge-based economy, companies need to fully leverage their human capital to sustain a competitive position. This requires integrating employee processes and information with business processes and strategies to achieve optimal business results.

Human Resources Management (HRM) is a discipline that drives operating performance and creates value, enterprises wide. Fast Track HRM solution helps organizations:

  • Streamline their HR systems and processes, to lower costs
  • Deploy self-service across the enterprise, to speed transactions and improve productivit
  • Align their workforce with goals and objectives, to drive business performance
  • Analyze and make HR decisions based on real-time information -- faster than ever
  • Align employee objectives with companys strategic goals
  • Respond to business changes -- quickly and seamlessly

With the HRM module an organisation can maintain its Employee Database easily and efficiently with details pertaining to Department, Category, Designation, Salary Details, etc. Leave Management System allows keeping check on the adherence to HR policies by having entries relating to leave availed, remaining leave, short leave, etc. Features such as per head revenue generation allow measuring the productivity of employees.


Fast Track also provides the clients to manage good relationship with their Customers.

In the system, there is a provision for a Login-Id to every customer, registered with client. The Login-Id will provide various facilities to the Customer. Customer would be able to track the progress of the Consignments they have booked. They would be able to see the Bills, which are Outstanding, Consignments not yet billed, and various such facilities from their Workspace.

In the current implementation of the System Customer will be allocated a separate Login id. By logging from that particular login ID, they will only be able to see the transactions, which are allowed to that user.