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BioMini Plus 2

Quick Overview

 Suprema BioMini Plus 2 has been designed to provide high level security BioMini Plus 2

solution with its proven reliability of FBI-PIV & STQC certifications. BioMini Plus 2 features industry’s most 
advanced MDR(multi dynamic range) technology to capture exceptional image quality even under extreme 
lighting conditions (operates under direct sunlight up to 100,000 LUX). The scanner also features cutting
-edge live fingerprint detection (LFD) technology for improved security against spoofing, and the latest 
version of multi award-winning Suprema algorithm for better performance. Combined with ergonomic 
design, high speed USB 2.0 interface and comprehensive SDK solution, BioMini Plus 2 offers superb biometric authentication solution for both public and commercial applications.