What Are Some Examples of the Different Types of Biometric Devices?

What Are Some Examples of the Different Types of Biometric Devices?

 Nowadays, there are various types of biometric devices present in the market. If one wants to know about the biometric devices then he/she can visit the online website of biometric devices for more details. The growth of the industry of biometric solutions is boosted in recent years. Now daily new products are coming in the market as the consumption of biometric devices is increasing day by day. Biometrics includes characteristics of an individual which are very unique like fingerprints, face, voice, iris, retina & DNA. Since these features are very unique therefore it is much difficult to duplicate them or cheat them. These devices increase the security of our data or information and this is the main reason biometric devices are preferred over others.

The Evolution of Types of Biometric Devices!

Biometrics devices are in use for many years and technology has improved a lot in previous years and is still improving. Some of the best and most common types of biometric devices used nowadays are given below:-

· Voice recognition – Voice of an individual is recorded at first and then used for identification of an individual or for granting access. But now with the introduction of better devices, this is not in much use nowadays.

· Fingerprint Recognition – This device uses the fingerprints of an individual for identification. This feature is now even used for unlocking phones, for making money transactions secure and also for marking attendance.

· Face recognition – This is also called the technology of this generation. The face of a person is scanned and stored in the database and then authentication takes place on the basis of stored data. No contact between person and machine is needed for authorization. But the only prejudice of this system is its high price.

· Iris recognition – Features of iris of an individual can also be used for identifying a person uniquely. This kind of biometrics is used for improving the security of a place or important data.

· Signature recognition – The authentication of a person takes place on the basis of his/her signature. It is used by every bank to ensure the identity of the person. Signature is scanned and then compared with other signatures using different algorithms.

Most common places where the biometric device is used?

It’s not just that biometric devices are just used in multinational companies it is often, used in shopping malls, at the entrance of buildings, in mobile phones, at airports, at security checks, in schools and colleges for marking attendance. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Ø Educational Institutes – In most educational institutions like schools, colleges or coaching centers attendance of a student is marked by using biometric devices. Mostly they use either card punching or fingerprint of an individual for marking attendance. We can get attendance reports of students very fast and that too with high accuracy.

Ø At the entrance – In most of the private institutions at the entrance only biometric device is installed for confirming the identity of the individual. It prevents unauthorized persons from getting into the building or places.

Ø Banks – Nowadays banks have started using fingerprint recognition while doing large money transactions. It gives assurance to the bank that no fraud is being done with the person holding the account and also with the bank.

Ø Airport security – While traveling abroad or out of India, biometrics of individuals is matched as per the documents and access is granted to the person for boarding on the flight.

Ø Mobile phones – Today our mobile phones are coming with several additional features like finger and face recognition. The use of these devices eases our way of unlocking our phone or getting access to a file or folder.

Where to get biometric devices in India?

You can easily avail of biometric devices in India at the number of online websites. Today there is no such thing present that we cannot avail online. Each and everything of our need is present online. The only thing to keep in mind while purchasing biometric devices online is that you should make sure that the site with which you are dealing is genuine.

Another advantage of buying products online is that you get various offers on biometric devices resulting in lowering the price of products. Also, there are many companies which are present in this industry from many recent years and providing biometric solutions to India in times of need and therefore have become highly reliable.