What experts are saying about thumb impression devices?

What experts are saying about thumb impression devices?

 The technology nowadays is improving day by day. And with the improvement in biometric technology daily new devices are coming in the market regularly. Thumb impression was used commonly at various places of legal complications. But getting it done manually was not much recommended. Therefore thumb impression devices were introduced in the market. Using these devices accurate fingerprint of an individual was obtained. And also no stains of ink were left on the fingerprints. Maximum these biometric devices take around 1-2 seconds for recognition of fingerprint. Biometric devices include all the devices which use unique characteristics of human individuals for identification and granting access. There was a time when these thumb impression devices were used at various places and were effective too. But now more efficient and reliable devices are introduced in the market and these devices have become old.

How can we say thumb impression devices are productive?

Many new devices regularly come in the market but despite this fact, thumb impression devices are used at various places. These are used for recognition and granting access to an individual, apart from that many attendance systems make use of it. It prevents users from marking fake or duplicate attendance. Nowadays mobile phones are made safe for storing important data by adding thumb scanners to it. It restricts unauthorized users from getting access to it. These thumb impression devices make use of light-sensitive microchip to produce a digital image and then this image is compared to the stored data and the result is displayed. If the impression of thumb is matched then the specific task is done. Prices of these devices are cost-effective and can be easily afforded by people.

These devices can be availed online on several websites. The buyer just has to keep in mind that he/she is dealing with a trustworthy and reliable website. As nowadays there are many fraud websites also present in the market.

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Which are the places where the use of biometric fingerprint access is done?

Biometric access means granting access to someone based on the recognized biometrics of an individual. The biometric device can be of any type, it can be a fingerprint-based device or a face recognition system or any other system depending on the use of biometrics of individual. Biometric fingerprint access is used in several places. Some of the most common among all of them are given below:-

Law enforcement – The use of fingerprint access in law enforcement has become common nowadays. For confirming the identity of criminals mostly they are used. All the previous details or records related to that culprit are also displayed. Hence proves to be beneficial for the government.

Immigration – The people who wish to visit abroad must have to confirm their identity using biometric fingerprint access. Check-in and bag drop process become easier for the individual. The use of these devices is also done at borders for border crossing.

Mobile phones – Nowadays mobile phones give an option of accessing them by using our fingerprints. This makes unlocking our phone easier and also is time-saving too.

Money Transactions – Banks have also started using these devices for making money transactions secure and safe. People also get assured about their transactions.

Does biometric fingerprint scanner work effectively?

The working of the fingerprint scanner is very simple and effective. The biometric fingerprint scanner work in three simple steps:-

Þ Recognition – The fingerprint needs to be recognized first to be checked. A biometric device is installed for recognition of fingerprint and granting access.

Þ Comparison – The digital image of the fingerprint is then compared with others stored in the database.

Þ Granting Access – Access to an individual is granted if fingerprint matches with any one of the authorized fingerprints otherwise access is denied.

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