What are the best ways to utilize Thumb Attendance?

What are the best ways to utilize Thumb Attendance?

 The use of biometric devices nowadays has become common. Now, these devices are used at almost every known place. Biometric devices are reliable as they make use of an individual's unique physiological features that are unique and cannot be duplicated easily. Majorly in all educational institutes use of biometric devices in done for marking attendance of students. Thumb attendance is used to mark the attendance of individuals in a better and faster way. Since fingerprint of thumb of an individual is required for marking attendance therefore buddy punching and other frauds are eliminated using these biometric devices. Not only for attendance, but thumb scanners are also used for granting access to individuals. These thumb attendance devices if used properly, can prove beneficial for individuals.

How thumb attendance devices can be effective?

The key advantages of using thumb attendance are various. Some major characteristics that a thumb attendance device should hold are as follows:-

Ø Registration time – The time that it takes for registration of fingerprint is very less i.e. less than 3 seconds. Hence saves a lot of time for individuals as well as of the organization. These scanned prints are then stored for further use.

Ø Storage capacity – Another important feature that you should keep in mind is that the capacity of such a device should be more than 250.

Ø Maintenance – These biometric devices should cost no maintenance as this proves that the quality of the product is good. And often seen all good quality products require no maintenance.

Ø Notifications – All the details of the student's check-in and check-out are notified via SMS. Hence parents of wards get all the information regarding their ward.

Hence, all these above-mentioned features make this thumb attendance device more reliable to use. Since a large number of biometric products keep on coming in the market due to their increased growth therefore prices of these products have also gone down. These biometric devices can be easily availed from various online websites. But most importantly, the website from which you are looking to buy the product must be genuine and trustworthy. One such website is "Translineindia" which is providing biometric solutions to India from the past 19 years.

Which are the places where Biometric Finger Scanner is used?

A biometric finger scanner involves the use of fingerprints for performing specific activities. Some common places which make use of biometric finger scanner are mentioned below:-

Þ Mobile phones – Nowadays mobile phones are installed with a biometric finger scanner to ease our unlocking method. This also ensures that your device is safe and only you can get access to it.

Þ Payment apps – Payments are mostly done online either you have to pay your electricity bill, or you want to transfer money, or paying the bill online everything can be done online. Hence to make money transactions secure biometric locks are used.

Þ Schools/colleges – In almost every educational institute like colleges, schools or coaching centers biometric finger scanner is used for marking attendance of students. These devices are capable of marking the attendance of large students effectively in very less time.

Þ Cars – Unlocking cars using the fingerprints of individuals is common in abroad countries but still not in use India. This prevents cars from being stolen or misused.

Þ Granting access – Commonly these biometric scanners are used for granting access to individuals. This prevents unauthorized users from getting in.

What features make Fingerprint Attendance Scanner unique?

The features that we get using a fingerprint attendance scanner make it unique. If we begin to count the benefits that these biometric devices provide then, advantages are not going to end. Some of the best among all of the advantages are mentioned below:-

· Time – Consumption – The best thing about utilizing unique mark scanners is that they spare a great deal within recent memory. It takes around 1-3 seconds to perceive a unique mark and giving access.

· Accuracy – It will give you access just on the off chance that you are approved client that implies that your fingerprints should coordinate with the information in the database. You would not be conceded get to on the off chance that you don't coordinate with the put-away information. This implies it keeps unapproved clients from getting in.

· Comfortable – The administrator or the person who is overseeing participation for the organization is progressively happy with utilizing it. It makes them strain-free and they are guaranteed that no misrepresentation is being finished with the participation records, and they are getting the right participation reports.

· Low-maintenance cost – The expense of introducing these fingerprint attendance scanner has gone truly down else they were exorbitant. However, these days individuals can without much of a stretch bear the cost of it for their organization or association.

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