What is Student Attendance Monitoring?

What is Student Attendance Monitoring?

 Student attendance monitoring refers to the act of tracking a student’s attendance records. This is quite helpful in numerous ways. In every educational institute, attendance management becomes hectic and time-taking. Managing attendance records of such a large number of students is a tough task. For increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization attendance management is a must and necessary requirement. It can be done by either using a biometric device or attendance management apps. By installing a biometric device you can mark accurate attendance of your employees in very less time and student attendance monitoring can be done easily. We all know that humans are prone to error but these machines are not and thus, it becomes reliable to use biometric machines instead of any other method or technology.

In what ways can student attendance monitoring can be done?

Presently, there are numerous methods and ways of managing attendance. For Student attendance monitoring firstly, attendance must be marked properly and accurately. For marking attendance of individuals some methods are used at almost every place. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Use of biometric – The use of biometric for marking attendance of individuals has always been the priority of people. Mostly fingerprint-based or face recognition system is installed in an organization for marking attendance. These devices are effective and provide unique data like the use of biometrics is done.

Attendance app – With the growth and development of technology many other devices and methods other than using biometrics have come up in the market. One other way is installing the attendance management app since these apps are cheaper than biometric devices and are effective too. Therefore, the use of these apps has become common now.

RFID cards – The word RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This method is now being used more as its working is very fast. And therefore becomes reliable for us to use. Multiple cards can be read at a time and these cards can be reused also. Thus, these cards can be used for a longer period.

Student attendance monitoring is done mainly in the above methods but the most common method is by using attendance apps. These attendance apps can be easily availed on multiple online websites and too at very low rates.

Some of the best benefits of using the online student attendance system!

Attendance control has traditionally been moved toward utilizing time timekeepers, timesheets, and time following programming, yet participation in the board goes past this to give a workplace which boosts and spurs employee attendance. Few points which make the online student attendance system extraordinary as given below:-

Ø Go Paperless – Since most of the work is done on machines and devices, therefore, the use of pen and paper is eliminated by using these biometric attendance systems.

Ø Time-efficient – There are multiple options for marking the attendance of individuals. But among them, this attendance system can work very fast and provide you with completely accurate data. Hence, saving much of your valuable time.

Ø Online management – Since all the work is done is managed online thus can be accessed anytime from anywhere we want too. It becomes easier for the admin to manage attendance of all individuals comfortably bu using the online student attendance system.

Ø Easy to handle – It becomes easier for both students as well as for the authority to mark and manage attendance. Students can simply scan their biometrics for marking attendance or can login in attendance app. Thus, they don’t need to wait for their chance to come.

Which biometric device is best for Student Attendance?

Currently, for student attendance management in the market, there is a present huge number of devices and technology. People select their devices according to their needs and requirement. Mainly used biometric devices are mentioned below:-

Ø Face recognition system – Nowadays, in various coaching institutes and other multinational organizations face recognition is used for marking student attendance and employees. The face of an individual can be scanned from a distance hence no contact has to be made with the machine.

Ø Fingerprint-based biometric – The fingerprint of individuals is scanned and their attendance is marked automatically. This complete method of recognition and identification of individual and marking attendance takes around 2-3 seconds which is quite effective.

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