Why do we need an online student attendance system?

Why do we need an online student attendance system?

 Utilization of web has expanded 5 -10 times in recent years from turning in to music to booking a room everything is online at this point. Practically 50% of the work can be done online just by sitting at home. From making online payments or transactions or to get to know about some awesome places near you. Nowadays, you can live without food for 2 days but not without using the internet. We can often conclude, the internet has become our need and necessity or we can say the internet has become an addiction for us, we cannot live without it. Managing attendance online is much trending in today's time as it is more easy, time-saving and also reliable. Student attendance system allows us to manage attendance of student just by sitting at one place & we don’t have to go from class to class for marking up the attendance.

What do you mean by student attendance system?  

It is a system in which attendance of a student is marked either manually or by using biometric attendance devices. Now, with the help of the internet, everything is managed online. Anyone who is dealing with the student attendance system can easily manage records and absences took by the students. Most of the institutions now are using it to save their time and human power.

Why biometric attendance solution is in trend?

Now, no more manual attendance is taken as biometric attendance has come in use. Presently, it just takes a second for the participation to be recorded. Ascertaining participation is no major ordeal any longer. The framework is valuable for figuring understudy's participation effectively. By taking out administrative work, it has carried digitization to the front line. This reduces the time and energy spent in figuring the participation. Therefore, biometric attendance solution is been used extensively in all the fields and is the key to all the previous attendance problems.

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Advantages of having Student attendance system:-

If we look at the advantages of having an online student attendance system, they are uncountable. But still best of them are mentioned below:-

Convenience – With the help of the online student attendance system you can easily record your attendance at the start of the class, and even if someone shows up later, then their attendance can be updated afterward. Guardians can go online & confirm that their ward is in school and is not bunking classes. The framework enables us to see which known appearances are unexcused and which have different reasons (medical, sports, etc). These Biometric attendance solutions have made our work more convenient.

Safety – The institution has the responsibility for the safety of all the students. Hence, it is necessary to manage all the students at all times. Due to the increment, in the crimes in recent years almost all the schools have enrolled all the measures to ensure the security of their students and installing the attendance system is one of those following measures.

Attendance management – If a student is cutting classes at regular intervals, then whenever the institution checks the attendance records of students, he is warned of his short attendance and also is made aware of the consequences that he can face due to short- attendance. An online student attendance system also allows a teacher to observe the pattern in one's attendance & help him.    

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