Why are Fingerprint Scanners for Aadhaar Cards are used and how does it Matter?

Why are Fingerprint Scanners for Aadhaar Cards are used and how does it Matter?

 Biometrics from the day of introduction has been proved advantageous for us. Before the introduction of biometrics, most of the work was done manually. Verification and identification of individuals were also manually done. But all these manual processes were time taking. Due to the increased use of biometrics, it gave rise to various biometric devices. Now presently we have types of fingerprint scanners, face recognition systems, iris scanners, voice analyzers, and many others. Even the use of fingerprints scanners for Aadhaar cards is also done. Aadhaar card is a unique verification identity for all residents of India. Each Aadhaar card consists of a unique 12 digits number and also biometric details of that individual are also present in the same. Since fingerprints are one of our unique characteristics therefore used for identification at most of the places.

Is using fingerprint scanners reliable for us?

The use of a fingerprint scanner is done at various places mostly used for security purposes. Using our fingerprints for improving security is reliable as fingerprints of every individual are unique and also they cannot be easily duplicated or cheated. The fingerprint scanner is mostly used nowadays for marking the attendance of individuals. Using a fingerprint attendance device you can save your time, human labor and becomes cost-effective for you. Using fingerprint scanners for Aadhaar cards becomes beneficial as it makes your identity unique from others. To make it more unique, other biometrics like iris and face are also recognized and stored. According to several surveys, it was found that even two identical twins completely of the same kind do not have the same fingerprints. Knowing this fact you can have an idea about the uniqueness of our fingerprints.

What are the places where fingerprint scanners are commonly used?

Fingerprint scanners are used at a large number of places like schools, colleges and other educational institutes for managing attendance. Other places like the entrance of various buildings also make use of it for ensuring the identity of individuals and preventing unauthorized individuals from getting access. Mentioned below both the fingerprint scanners are available at reasonable prices. These two fingerprint scanners are mostly used.

Suprema Slap Scanner – This rock-solid machine can peruse live fingerprints and can catch level and moved fingers. The scanner can get plain ten-prints using four-finger slaps and twofold thumbs get. The device is fixed against the buildup and sprinkling of water. The scanner outfits an auto-catch of fingerprints with the ability to recognize finger slippage. Wet and dry fingers are gotten adequately.

Suprema Fingerprint scanner – Those who are hoping to introduce a unique mark scanner for participation in the low spending extent ought to go for the Suprema fingerprint scanner. It very well may be utilized successfully at workplaces that don't have numerous representatives. It is financially savvy and quick as well.

Why is having an Aadhaar card is necessary?

Aadhaar card nowadays has become a need for all of us. In most of our activities we need aadhaar card and without which nothing is possible. Some of the main benefits of having an aadhaar card are mentioned below:-

ü LPG subsidy – For getting Subsidy of your LPG cylinder your Aadhaar card is a must. And then it is directly transferred to your bank account.

ü Passport verification – This is one of the best advantages of having an Aadhaar card. If you have an aadhaar card, then you get it done in just 10 days.

ü Bank account – For an opening account in any bank, you require an aadhaar card and sometimes a PAN card also. But having Aadhaar card is a must.

ü New SIM – For purchasing a new sim from the market, Aadhaar card and the individual must present as aadhaar verification is done at the same time.

ü Identity proof – It is most commonly used as an identity proof at almost every place of need. This identity proof is valid all over India.

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