Is fingerprint recognition biometrics?

Is fingerprint recognition biometrics?

 Biometric devices are those which use unique physiological characteristics of humans like fingerprints, face, palm, DNA, voice, retina and others. And since fingerprint recognition makes use of fingerprint of the human individual, therefore, we can consider fingerprint recognition as biometrics. Nowadays, there is a number of biometric devices that are used in the market but among all of them, fingerprint recognition is given more importance as it is the most important human identity. In India, mostly in all the main institutions prefer using biometric devices over manual methods or other technology. Since biometric technology has improved a lot in the past few years and is reliable too. Therefore, people mostly prefer using biometric devices.

What are the Places of use of fingerprint recognition?

We all know that fingerprint recognition biometrics and due to which it widely being used. Below here are mentioned some most amazing places where fingerprint recognition is commonly used.

Ø Payment apps – Today while making any kind of payment through banking apps we need to use fingerprint recognition. The main reason behind it is to ensure that only the authorized user can make use of the bank accounts and also to make all the money transactions secure and safe.

Ø All App Locks – If we desire to hide all the data and photos from our phone. We install different app locking apps for this purpose. Mainly all app locks make use of the fingerprint recognition for granting access into it. This prevents other frauds from accessing our files and data.

Ø For quick actions – While using our mobile phones sometimes we need to open certain apps or to perform specific activities. At that time we can make use of the fingerprint recognition, by swiping up and down or by tapping it 2 times we can perform several functions and activities.

Ø Access Control – For Accessing into several places or devices mostly fingerprint recognition is used these days. Since the working of a biometric finger scanner is very fast therefore nowadays preferred by most of the individuals as well as organizations.

Ø For Attendance Management – In most of the multinational companies attendance is marked using fingerprint recognition. Attendance management becomes much easier using fingerprint recognition as biometrics device.

What are the Merits and demerits of the face recognition system?

Face recognition systems are mainly used by multinational companies for managing attendance or keeping an eye on someone. The best merits of face recognition system are being mentioned below:-

ü The working of the Face recognition system is very fast and effective.

ü  The person using the face recognition system doesn't need to make contact with the machine. It can recognize the face of a person from a distance only.

ü It can scan the faces of employees or students very fast and that too effectively.

ü Attendance reports of employees can be managed easily using the face attendance system.

ü Using a face recognition system we get accurate data and it also ensures us about the identification of the individual.

Demerits of using face recognition system:-

û The face recognition system is much costly in comparison to other biometric devices. This is the basic reason due to which people cannot afford it easily.

û For face recognition, proper light must be present for scanning the face of the individual.

How far has biometric technology gone till now?

Biometric technology has improved much in recent years. Till now biometric devices have captured almost the whole consumer market. Mostly people prefer using them for security purposes or surveillance. From the day of the introduction of biometrics, it has made our works easier and our ways simpler.

Biometric means taking in thought extraordinary characteristics of human individuals like fingerprints, face, voice, palm, iris, DNA and numerous others. Prior techniques for stamping participation were truly gradual. Be that as it may, presently the recently designed biometric gadgets are quick and effective. These days individuals don't have a lot of time consequently they lean toward utilizing machines as their working is quick and productive and are dependable as well. Since this biometric machine utilizes biometric highlight which makes them increasingly secure and furthermore easy to use.