How do Fingerprint Attendance Scanners Work?

How do Fingerprint Attendance Scanners Work?

 Fingerprint attendance scanners work completely automatically and therefore highly reliable. These fingerprint scanners are of basically two types – optical and capacitive. Using fingerprint attendance devices for offices, schools, colleges, and other institutions can very beneficial as they save much of their time and human labor. And also the punctuality of employees improves with time and as a result improvement in the productivity of the institution in which they are being used. The advantages of using fingerprint attendance scanners are uncountable. But nowadays, technology has gone too far and sometimes even these biometric devices are also cheated or spoofed but this is seen very rarely.

Which are the different kinds of fingerprint scanners?

Depending upon the way of scanning fingerprints, fingerprint attendance scanners can be majorly divided into two types:-

1. Optical scanners – Previously, this was the only method for scanning fingerprints of an individual. But now it has become too old. As the name tells itself, its working is based on optical images of the fingerprints. The images of the fingerprints are taken or scanned and then compared to the stored fingerprints in the database or storage. The main reason due to which it is not in much use is that it can be spoofed easily. Since it uses only 2D images the fingerprint, therefore, is not much recommended. It is used mostly in cheap hardware devices. We needed a scanner which can provide us high security and is reliable too.

2. Capacitive scanners – The introduction of these kinds of fingerprint scanners was something that we needed and were looking for. This is the most commonly found scanner in almost every device where fingerprint scanners are needed. This type of scanner uses tiny capacitor circuits for scanning the fingerprints of an individual. It is also capable of performing several other functions by using swipe gestures. It is used widely because it is reliable and secure. But now coming up with the best fingerprint scanning technology present currently nowadays.

3. Ultrasonic scanners – This fingerprint scanner uses an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver for scanning the fingerprint.  Since the 3D image of the fingerprint is taken which improves the security of the fingerprint. This makes this technology better than all other alternatives.

Technology is improving day by day and we are coming up with the best devices in the market. All these types of fingerprint attendance scanners are available in the market.

Is using a fingerprint scanner reliable?

The fingerprint scanner is used widely in various places. The most commonplace of use of a fingerprint scanner is mobile phones. Nowadays the mobile phones are lashed with fingerprint scanner with which we can easily unlock our phone. You can use them at the required places of need. Since it scans your fingerprints which are unique themselves, therefore, it becomes highly secure while using fingerprint scanners. Nowadays there are also used for marking attendance. People prefer using it as it prevents fraud and other unauthorized users from getting access.

Places where the fingerprint attendance system is commonly used?

Before the introduction of the biometric attendance system, it used to be very hectic and time-taking also. But with the use of Face and fingerprint attendance system marking and managing attendance of individuals becomes much easier. These attendance systems are nowadays installed at several common places. Some common places where such attendance systems are installed are given below:-

Hostels – In almost all the hostels nowadays, the fingerprint attendance system is installed. This prevents students from marking fake attendance of individuals. And most before all, it increases the security of the students presents as you are aware of the presence and absence of students along with the time details. Now, these systems are allowed to work online and these attendance details are sent instantly to the parents of the wards.

Schools/ Colleges – Use of attendance system in schools and colleges is much common. We all know how difficult it is to manage attendance of such a large number of students and that too with maximum accuracy. Therefore most of the schools/colleges have now upgraded themselves by installing attendance systems.

Above mentioned places are much commonly observed by every individual.

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