Face station 2

In this rapidly growing world of technology, we are getting aware about new gadgets and machines which are ready to make our life easier. FaceStation  2 is one of that amazing gadget. This modern mechanism is the all-new innovation in facial biometric which serves the people with accuracy, extraordinary speed, and high security. As we all know that data is called to be the asset of our company. We at Transline India understand this fact and hence avail the right biometric machines for you.

All about biometric devices 

Bio-metrics devices work as the authentication and identification devices. This machine helps to recognize and to verify the identity of a person according to his/her behavioral and physical characters. Today, there are different bio-metrics which works to identify the iris, voice, facial image, and fingerprint of a live person to verify his/her identity. Today the world is saying a louder yes to bio-metrics because it keeps the strangers away from your business area. These machines are being used in offices, workplace, airports, and also as some personal devices. Even the smart phones today are featured with this so that your personal data will stay safe and secure.

Features of Face Station 2- which make it the right choice

Here we are talking about the latest innovation in bio-metrics which is Face Station 2. This biometric machine carried many wonderful features which are as follow:

1. High speed face recognition- The latest version offered by Suprema has the power of high speed face matching. Face Station 2 is capable of matching up to 3000 match/sec. This work with an impressive range of 1.4GHz quad-core CPU which enhances its power of working.

2. Large memory capacity- Its large memory capacity allows you to identify or feed the details of many users in its class. A single Face Station 2 can store the data of 30,000 users, 50,000 face images, and 5,000,000 text logs in it.

3. Extraordinary security features- It comes with superlative quality face image logs. It is based on Infra-red fake face blocking technology and hence it is difficult to cheat this modern gadget. It also carried Multi-band RF reading technology which is based on modern RFID standards.

4. Able to catch the height range with improved ergonomics- Face Station 2 comes with a tilt bracket that allows the right identification of children and a wheel chaired person too. It carries the feature to catch the greatest height range of 145cm-210cm.

5. Android supportive Intuitive GUI It comes with a wide working touch screen LCD panel. The latest version of Face Station 2 i.e. Android 5.0 OS, allow you to use GUI easily and besides any training.

We at Transline India offer you with the right gadgets that can do wonders for your business. We are working to provide the right solution to your concern of security and privacy and hence offering gadgets like FaceStation 2. To buy innovative forms of bio-metrics machines you can go through our websites www.houseofbiometrics.com.For any query, feedback, and suggestion you can contact us at www.translineindia.com . Here you will get served with the required information about all the latest gadgets. At this portal, we make you aware of the current changes in the economy.

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