Why is Face Recognition Accuracy So high?

Why is Face Recognition Accuracy So high?

 The face recognition system provides us high security nowadays. Earlier face recognition system was not in use as they were costlier and also since the technology was advanced therefore not everyone was able to use it. Face recognition accuracy is very high it can even differentiate between two identical twins. These face recognition machines use very high-quality cameras for scanning the human face and these cameras can even detect very minute changes in the face. Because of such a large number of features people have now started using face recognition in their daily life. Even though these are now introduced in mobile phones also and can be used as a security method.

The Evolution of face recognition accuracy!

One key advantage of a facial recognition system is that it can do individual mass distinguishing. Appropriately structured systems installed in air terminals, multiplexes, and other open spots can distinguish people among the group, without passers-by monitoring the system.

In any case, when contrasted with other biometric methods, face recognition may not be generally dependable and productive. Quality measures are significant in facial recognition as huge degrees of varieties are conceivable in face pictures. Face recognition accuracy depends on the number of factors such as light, appearance, posture, and commotion during face catch can influence the exhibition of facial acknowledgment systems. With the Face recognition system, face recognition accuracy has also improved in previous years.  

If the face of the individual that is scanned is low-resolution then it becomes much difficult to recognize. Data privacy is the main concern for companies that use biometrics as a security method for data.

Is fingerprint recognition better than other biometrics?  

Fingerprint recognition is widely used for many years and till now the date has been proved advantageous for us. The use of fingerprint recognition has become common now. Now almost all the mobile phones are already installed with the fingerprint scanner. You can use fingerprint recognition for unlocking your phone or keeping it as a key for all your locks. For increased security of your money transaction, for keeping a lock on payment apps, granting access. Various attendance systems based on fingerprints are being used nowadays at most of the schools, colleges, or at several multiplexes. Since fingerprints are a unique trait of human beings, therefore, are much reliable. These are widely used in offices for time and attendance management.

The main reason because of which fingerprint recognition is considered better is its budget-friendly price. Since these devices provide accurate data and also save our time too, therefore, they have become people's choice now.

Places where Face Recognition System is used?

There is a number of places where the face recognition system is used. Some of the most common places of use are mentioned below:-

Þ In mobile phones – Most nowadays all mobile phones include face recognition. You can use it for many of your activities. People are now much aware of face recognition technology today. Since you don't need to make contact with the device, you can use it anytime you want. But this is not the same with fingerprint recognition.

Þ At airports – the Face recognition system is now even used at airports for confirming the identity of passengers. This ensures that no one else except the recognized one is boarding on the flight.

Þ Law Enforcement – For checking the details of the individuals or for having a look at criminal records of the individuals face recognition is used.

Þ Forensic investigations – Face recognition is also used many times for forensic investigation in labs.

Þ For marking attendance – In several offices and as well as in schools and colleges for managing attendance. Using face attendance system becomes reliable as we just need to scan our face for marking our face.

Þ For secure transactions – Now this technology is even used for making money transactions secure so that no one else can use bank accounts of other people.

Þ For control access – It is often used at the entrance of various buildings for limiting access of people and granting access to the only authorized person.