Is Face Recognition better than Fingerprint?

Is Face Recognition better than Fingerprint?

 The use of biometrics has been very advantageous to us till now date. People who are aware of biometrics always have a contradiction among face recognition and fingerprint. Both of the devices are extremely good but which among both of them is best has been the main point. People mainly classify the best for them according to their needs and requirements and also keeping their budget in mind. According to the recent reports, most people prefer using fingerprint devices as they consider it more secure than face recognition. But nowadays both of them are being used almost everywhere.

How can we say face recognition is better than fingerprint?

Every technology has its own merits and demerits likewise fingerprint technology and face recognition have also their cons and pros. Mentioned below are certain points on which we can say facial recognition is better than the fingerprint.

ü Sometimes, while using fingerprint if our fingers are dirty, then mostly fingerprints are not recognized by the fingerprint scanner. But while in case of face recognition you can scan it anytime, and also no contact with the device is needed while recognition.

ü The use of fingerprints was very beneficial for us as we no longer needed to remember our mobile pins or passwords. In case of face recognition also no passwords are needed.

ü Nowadays the price of face recognition is cheaper than a fingerprint scanner. Therefore, mostly multinational companies use this technology for increasing their productivity.

ü Not at all like fingerprint scanners, facial recognition requires no remote or extra equipment to introduce onto an individual's telephone.

ü Face recognition has a high acceptability rate than fingerprints. They are also universal as every person has facial features but not everyone has fingerprints.

Cons of face recognition system!

If seen overall face recognition provides immense benefits to us but also has a certain flaw in it. Most common demerits of face recognition are mentioned below:-

û The implementation cost of the face recognition system is high if compared to fingerprint technology as it includes high-quality cameras and advanced software to assure great accuracy and speed.

û Since photos and videos are of high quality and therefore they take more space to be stored. Therefore storage must be enough to store these high-quality images and videos.

û If any major facial change comes in an individual then the machines do not recognize the individual. Again the individual needs to recognize his/her face in the machines and pictures need to be updated.

More about the Aadhaar Enrollment kit!

Aadhaar Enrollment kit includes various products like laptop, camera, printer, fingerprint scanner, monitor, GPS device and many more. Mainly Aadhaar Enrollment kit comprises all those hardware devices which are used in the making of aadhaar card or it updation. The government uses this kit for making Aadhaar card which is a unique Identity of residents of India.

UIDAI enrollment kit or aadhaar enrollment kit pack both are something very similar. UIDAI speaks to the Unique Identification Authority of India. It is an association of India of Indian government which is responsible for realizing the Aadhaar Scheme. It expects to give a unique unmistakable verification number to all of the occupants of India.

It gives a unique character to every individual which is known as Aadhaar which is a 12 digit fascinating number to every Indian occupant.

What are the advantages of using a digital attendance machine?

 Using a digital attendance machine is of great advantage to us. Some of the best advantages that we get while using digital attendance machines for marking the attendance are as follows:-

Ø Fastest mode – This mode of marking attendance is the fastest. It takes just 1-3 seconds for marking attendance. If one has to mark attendance manually then it takes a lot of time, therefore, most people prefer using it to save their time.

Ø Most reliable – Since the complete process is automatic and hence the chance of marking fake attendance is very less. People rely on it more because it provides us more accurate data in very less time.

Most accurate – Using a Digital attendance machine provides us the best advantage i.e. Accuracy. It provides us the most accurate data. We can rely on the data that we get using these digital machines.