Which Among Face And Fingerprint Attendance System Is Better?

Which Among Face And Fingerprint Attendance System Is Better?

Both biometric machines i.e. face and fingerprint attendance system are best for managing attendance of a large number of employees. Both of them provide a huge number of advantages upon installing. With the invention of biometric machines, manual methods are used very rarely now because they were time-taking and working and inefficient. The working process is really slow of these old traditional methods and therefore nowadays people prefer biometric attendance machine as they save their human effort and time. Since these biometric machines use unique biological features of an individual, therefore, we feel more secure while using these devices.

Comparison between face and finger attendance system!

Below mentioned are some factors through which we can decide that among face and fingerprint attendance system which is better.

Þ While using the fingerprint attendance system, the individual is required to touch the biometric fingerprint machine for recognition but in case of face recognition, no such touch of the individual is required.

Þ Mainly fingerprint recognition is used in the identification and authentication of individuals while the face recognition system is used in surveillance and public applications.

Þ Uniqueness is very high in fingerprints and even the same twins don't have the same fingerprint. Facial expressions may match some times that are identical twins have the same facial features. Therefore make it a bit less secure than a fingerprint attendance system.

Þ  While using a face attendance system, an individual can be recognized from a distance and in case of a fingerprint system the user must make contact with the machine.

Þ Fingerprint and face attendance system both give us high performance. Fingerprints of individuals have no change because of their age but many facial changes come with age. So we can consider the fingerprint attendance system more reliable.

Þ But nowadays the major disadvantage of using a fingerprint attendance system is that it can be fooled easily. As biometric spoofing has become much common these days. The fingerprints that we leave in several places can also be used. In comparison to this, the face attendance system can't be cheated or fooled that easily.

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A Brief about-face attendance system!

A face attendance system is an innovation equipped for distinguishing or checking an individual from an advanced picture or a video outline from a video source. There are various techniques in which facial acknowledgment frameworks work, yet when all is said in done, they work by looking at chosen facial highlights from a given picture with countenances inside a database.

There are a lot of places where the face attendance system is used and is effective also. The best example can be a face lock. It is nowadays being widely used in mobile phones for unlocking the phone or getting access to your data.

One key bit of leeway of a face attendance system is that it can individual mass recognizable proof as it doesn't require the participation of the guinea pig to work. Appropriately structured frameworks introduced in air terminals, multiplexes, and other open spots can recognize people among the group, without passers-by monitoring the framework.

Is fingerprint attendance system more relevant?

Using a fingerprint based attendance system we can also reduce time-theft, forgotten pins, human error and a lot of other issues of concern. Buddy punching refers to the act of marking attendance of an individual which is not present, also commonly known as a proxy in colleges. Till then attendance was taken manually, such cases were common.

We don’t need to remember passwords all the time or carry our identity cards. Because while dealing with biometric machines we are a password. Earlier it us to be very hectic to manage attendance records of such a large number of individuals.

No one can get access to our place. We get complete details of our employees anytime we want to. It generates attendance reports or leaves took by them. We also can get the number of hours worked by them or breaks taken by them in between.

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