What is the biometrics process?

What is the biometrics process?

 Biometrics usually refers to using an individual's physiological traits or features for identification or verification. Biometrics process is more commonly used for security purpose nowadays. The biometrics process includes the complete process of recognition and verification of an individual's features with the stored data in the database. With the advancement in the technology, older methods are being replaced by new generation solution i.e. Biometrics. These devices are used intensively in all the places like for entrance at shopping malls, for security checks in various companies, hostels, motels any various others. This biometrics process includes a biometric device for recognition & identification and another device from where it can be managed.

What does the biometrics process include?

Biometric verification takes place in a few steps. The steps are mentioned below:-

· Installation of the biometric device – A device is required to scan a person's fingerprint, face, iris, palm or retina depending upon the type of biometric device.

· Database – A database is required to store all the information and data. The scanned fingerprint or face is then compared to all the stored data in the database and verify if it is already present in it or not.

· Output device – The result is displayed on this output device in which the software that looks the complete procedure is installed.

These are the basic steps that make the biometrics process complete. These steps cannot be skipped or deleted.

Different biometric devices available in the market

Many biometric devices are easily available in the market and are in use. These devices are used on the basis of their capability and their unique features. Some of the best biometric devices available in the market are as follows:-

· Fingerprint recognition system – One of the most commonly used biometric devices in most of the places due to its accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency to work. It uses the fingerprints of an individual to identify him/her. Anyone can easily afford it either for their office or company. It is highly reliable and the chance of fraud in less in this device.

· Face recognition system – This device scans the face of an individual and then recognizes the authorized user and grants access. Its price is a bit higher than fingerprint recognition and therefore used by multinational companies. It also provides easy access to the user.

· Iris scanner – Iris recognition is an automated method of identification through mathematical calculations that are made in an individual's eyes. These patterns can be scanned from a distance and are unique and stable.

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Has biometric identification technology improved in recent years?

In these past recent years, Biometric Identification Technology has improved a lot in the past recent years. Not many biometric devices were present earlier, but now a lot of biometric devices have come. And seems like many more biometric devices are going to come up in the future.

This Identification is going to nip extortion in the buds particularly for administration line ventures where acts of neglect like digital assaults and where conceivable outcomes of deception and misrepresentation are high similar to in the protection business, banking, benefits plan supports organizations and taxpayer driven organizations establishments.

Now there are present latest technology devices like face recognition system, iris scanner, fingerprint system and give us a new level of security. People are now more reliable on these devices as compared to any other device or manual method. The scope of biometric identification technology is more shortly.

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