Are biometrics more secure than passwords?

Are biometrics more secure than passwords?

 Using passwords for unlocking your device has become too old now. Even for unlocking our mobile phones we use biometrics. Today it feels like biometrics has become a part of our life. The main reason for using biometrics over passwords is security. Biometrics provides us a high level of security and therefore more reliable than passwords. Most of the people think that Biometrics is more secure than passwords. "Is it true"? "Are biometrics more secure than passwords"? Preferences of people may vary due to their different criteria of selection. If you use passwords then you have to put such a password that is hard to guess and also easy to remember which is not possible.

What features make biometrics more secure than passwords?

Certain features make people consider biometrics more secure than passwords. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The main reasons that make biometrics a better choice than passwords are mentioned below:-

· Time-saving – While dealing with passwords for accessing online accounts or our device we have to type passwords again and again that wastes too much of our time. And in the case of biometrics, it rarely takes 1-2 seconds to get access to our account or device and saves our time.

· No need to remember anything – In the case of passwords, the major problem that we face is that we forget our passwords and put ourselves in trouble. While using biometrics we don't need to remember any such thing because it uses unique characteristics to identify an individual.

· Hard to copy – Since biometric devices use physiological traits, therefore, it is difficult for someone to duplicate as all these characteristics are very unique such as fingerprints, face, palm, DNA. Passwords can be discovered more easily as compared to any biometric feature. This is the main reason due to which biometrics are more secure than passwords.

· Can use anywhere – While using passwords we always note that if anyone is observing while we enter our password. If someone comes to know our password then he/she may misuse it. In the case of biometrics, it's not the same. We can fearlessly use our biometric password wherever we want to.

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Things to keep in mind while dealing with passwords

The saying that" biometrics more secure than passwords" is not fully supported. Not all of us are familiar with biometric technology or devices. The main reason for most of the people for not using biometrics is their trust. Many of us do not trust such devices, it may be due to the inappropriate information that we have got from somewhere or due to the unawareness of such devices. We should keep certain things in mind while using passwords. These are mentioned below:-

· The passwords that you are using, has to be changed regularly at several intervals to make it secure and safe enough to use.

· It has to be a bit complex so that no one can easily guess it and misuse it. Most of us keep it simple to remember it but it's not safe.

· While entering your password keep in mind that no one is observing you.

It's not that passwords cannot be used for security reasons but it becomes very hectic to manage them and therefore biometrics is given a bit more preference.

What Features make biometric technology secure?

Since biometric has its unique features therefore, it becomes more reliable for us since no one else except you can access the data. It uses features like fingerprints, face or iris or retinal scan because all of the following have very less probability of duplication. Biometric technology is more convenient for both who are utilizing and overseeing it.

Using biometric devices we save a lot of our precious time and the chance of fraud is very low which makes Biometric technology secure. Since it is very easy to use and maintain and can be managed with ease. The biometric device takes around 2-3 second to identify and recognize an individual, therefore, is much efficient. All the above-discussed features make biometrics more reliable and easy to use in comparison to passwords.

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