Will employers turn to biometrics for time attendance management?

Will employers turn to biometrics for time attendance management?

 Time and technology have gone too far nowadays and regularly we are coming up with new devices. Time attendance devices are among our latest technology products. Employers are looking forward to using biometrics for time attendance management due to its incomparable and countless advantages. Earlier, when biometrics was not introduced time attendance management was done manually. But the manual method was time-taking and also chances of error were always high. The newly automated biometrics for time attendance management is time-saving, reduces human effort and most important is that these are cost-effective too, which means one can easily afford it. You can easily avail of more information and other details related to these devices online.

Advantages of using biometrics for time attendance management

From the day of the introduction of biometrics in our life, it has most of our works simpler and better. Either talking about efficiency or productivity it has improved both of our aspects. Biometrics till now has been one of the greatest inventions by humans. We feel like more safe and secure when we use it. Using biometrics for time attendance management gives us a lot of advantages. Some of the following benefits are mentioned below:-

Saves time – We look forward to using something if it meets our requirement. Similarly using biometrics for time attendance management saves a lot of time, as it is fully automated. We just need to install it and then it manages all other things by itself. If done manually it takes a huge time to mark and manage the attendance of employees which can be done easily by biometric machines.

Reduces human resource – Since these biometric machines are completely automatic, therefore, no other employee is required to work along with it. Hence, reduces human labor for us which we can use in some other place of use.

Efficiency – The best advantage of using biometrics for time attendance management is the information that it provides is 100% accurate. And in the case of the manual method, the information is always prone to error and thus makes it less efficient than biometric devices.

Prevents employee time theft – The Exact number of hours worked by employees, breaks took by them in between, and all-time details are observed in moth end while processing their salary and on basis of these reports, they receive their salary and also prevents the company to overpay their employees.

Analysis & broadcasting – While using biometrics for time attendance management it becomes easy to analyze daily attendance reports, late come reports, leave a report, shift reports, etc. and also we can see these reports using tabs or smartphones from anywhere we want.

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Need for using time attendance devices?

If you want to save your precious time and get rid of old manual errors in reports then you can simply use time attendance devices to increase productivity & efficiency of your company or institution. People who are facing time problem and difficulty in managing attendance of their employees can simply use biometric Time attendance devices.

Despite being having such a large number of advantages, it has some disadvantages also. Each and everything has two faces. Till now we have gone through one of its faces, now moving onwards to the one.

 What can be Issues while using biometric time attendance management?

Some issues that we face while using biometric time attendance devices are as follows:-

· The cost of purchasing time attendance device is indeed low but its installation & maintenance cost can be a worry for you sometimes.

· Biometric terminals don't scramble information which can imperil the security of data.

· In the case of any physical disability, these biometric time attendance devices are of no use.

· Sometimes it also shows a scanning difficulty, such as in fingerprint-based attendance system it may not recognize due to sweaty fingers or in iris scan if you are wearing lenses you may face some problem.

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