Is using a Biometric Time Attendance system trustworthy for us?

Is using a Biometric Time Attendance system trustworthy for us?

 Biometric devices have always been beneficial for us till now date. The devices which make use of the physiological traits of the individual for recognition and identification come under biometric devices. These devices are considered safe and reliable for us as the biometrics of an individual which are unique and cannot be duplicated or cheated easily. Using a biometric time attendance system can help you in maintaining the employee working hours and efficiency. The main use of these attendance records is done for calculating payroll of an individual. This ensures that no individual will get more or less than estimated. This can help an organization in improving its productivity.

How biometric time attendance proves to be effective?

Biometric time attendance gives various advantages and due to which it is considered effective. Some of the best advantages that we get using biometric time attendance are as follows:-

ü Since for marking attendance individual has to be present themselves and thus buddy punching us eliminated using this system.

ü The time and attendance records of individuals are generated very fast and are helpful while calculating an employee’s payroll and thus overall productivity of an employee can be known.

ü The complete process of recording time and attendance details of employees is automated thus no fraud can be done in between.

ü It is often noted, that places, where time attendance devices are installed, see an increase of punctuality of individuals.

These time attendance devices are available online as well as offline but mostly preferred to be bought online due to its effective price. Several online websites deal with these biometric devices. These online websites provide you certain discounts and offer on desired products.

One of the best websites regarding biometric solutions is "Translineindia”. This website has been providing biometric solutions to India from many past years and thus has become much reliable for people.

Which attendance management system is being used commonly?

The attendance management system is used for marking and managing the attendance of individuals efficiently. These systems are majorly being used at offices, schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. Earlier attendance was used to be managed manually but now there are several biometric devices are introduced for attendance management. The working of the biometric attendance management system was very effective and effective too. But the technology with the time has been improving and every day new devices come up in the market. Using these machines much of our human labor is reduced and also saves our working time too. Thus we can conclude that biometric devices are reliable because of the number of benefits they provide us.

Nowadays attendance management software is being used almost everywhere as they are cheaper than biometric devices and also work efficiently. The most commonly used software for attendance management is I’D Surv. It is capable of managing the attendance of a large number of individuals at a time. Time and attendance reports are generated instantly.

What are the types of time attendance devices present currently?

 Presently there are various kinds of time attendance devices present categorized based on the use of biometrics of individuals. Mainly fingerprint-based and face recognition devices are used for this purpose.

Ø Fingerprint-based attendance – The individual just needs to scan his/her fingerprint and attendance and time details are recorded automatically and this complete process takes a few seconds.

Ø Face attendance system – The face of an individual is recognized from a distance and attendance is marked. The individual doesn't require to make any contact with the machine.

These devices are used at various places like hostels, schools, coaching centers, and other educational institutes. These are now often used at government offices also. As some of the employees do not work efficiently and are not productive also. Such employees can be easily eliminated using time attendance devices.

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