What is biometric technology?

What is biometric technology?

 Since the technology sector has improved a lot in the recent few years security of our devices has also to be improved. Using passwords for identification and verification in this 21st century has become too old, and also not much safe. Now everyone has started using biometric technology, as it has changed our ways of doing work. Now anyone can easily access their device using this biometric technology device like fingerprints and face recognition for accessing into a device. This technology is much more visible in mobile phones for security purposes.

The actual word biometrics is derived from the Greek words, bio means life and metrics means to measure. Biometric technology can identify the patterns of fingerprints, face or iris of an individual which can be used in many places of need.

What are the main sectors where biometric technology is used?

In Today's business world biometric technology is used in several sectors. If seen in general, biometrics is used in almost all sectors of society. But still, some fields are there where it plays a great role. Some of the following sectors are mentioned below:-

· National ID - An all India identity card requires fingerprints as well as iris detection during its formation. It consists of a unique 12 digit number for each & every individual and therefore considered as one of the unique identity of an individual in India. Every Indian holds An Aadhaar card which is valid all over India.

· Law Enforcement – In this sector, this biometric technology is mainly used for surveillance, intelligence, and other security reasons. For recognizable proof of known culprits, suspects or psychological militants. For instance, individuals who are serving their sentence or experiencing the legal procedure. it can likewise be utilized in recognizable proof of individuals associated with law implementation for example office staff, outsider merchants and so on.

· Banking – Biometrics makes it simpler for signing into portable banking applications when contrasted with conventional passwords passage. While biometrics isn't misrepresentation confirmation, it is substantially hard to recreate a unique finger impression, voice or eye filter than making sense of the secret phrase. We need to recollect which passwords coordinate with what gadgets, and we are constantly adding to the rundown as we make increasingly online records.

· Human resource management – For managing the employee's attendance in office, or students in college these biometric devices are used. In short, for management of human resource these biometric devices are also used.

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How is biometric technology secure?

Using biometric devices we save a lot of our precious time and the chance of fraud is very low which makes biometric technology secure. It is effective in almost all places wherever it is used. Hence any individual/institution dealing with biometric technology are always in profit.

Using biometric devices we have upgraded a level of our security. We feel safe and secure using biometric devices because the chance of replication is really low as compared to other methods and technologies. Earlier people hesitated as they were not used to it, but now they have become familiar with it. Since biometric has its unique features therefore, it becomes more reliable for us since no one else except you can access the data. Biometric devices use physiological traits of an individual, therefore, it becomes hard enough to replicate it.

With the development of technology biometric spoofing has become very common nowadays. This is the most important issue of concern which has to managed soon if we want to make Biometric technology secure.

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