How does the Biometric Registration System work?

How does biometric registration system work?

 With the day of the introduction of biometrics, things have become much easier. People prefer using biometrics more as if compared to humans as mostly it is found that humans are prone to error and also they take enough time in completing their tasks. Using biometric machines you can reduce your time usage and also you can manage all other activities effectively. Biometric systems are now much common in the market as well as near you. The biometric registration system is majorly preferred for multinational companies and organizations as they provide security of the data stored in them and also prevent fraud from being done.

What steps are involved in the working of the biometric registration system?

The biometric registration system involves three simple steps. Those steps are mentioned below:-

i. Knowing a Person’s basics – This involves all the general information of an individual. This basic information may include name, place, city, religion, pin-code, Residential address, state, occupation, date of birth, gender, marital status. After providing all this information we move forward towards our next step i.e. biometric enrollment.

ii. Enrolling Biometrics – In the second step biometrics of every individual is recorded. Here biometric enrollment may include fingerprints, face, palm, or retina or any other. As we understand by its name only “biometric registration system” it should include biometrics.

iii. Storing All the information – in the third step, all the information that has been recorded in the above two steps is stored in the database. This database should be easily accessible online. This information is stored as it would be useful for the recognition of an individual in the future.

All these steps are necessary and required for the proper working of the biometric registration system.

What are the types of biometric registration system present in the market?

There are various biometric registration system present in the market but two of them are mostly preferred by people. They are fingerprint-based system and face recognition.

· Fingerprint-based system – People use their fingerprint for updation of their data, they just need to scan their fingerprints. For example places in several big coaching institutes and hostels and many others, fingerprint scanners are used for regular marking of attendance and its management. This system if mostly preferred at numerous places because of its effective working and cost-effectiveness. It provides us with accurate data and saves time too. This is the basic reason it is valued by moreover others.

· Face recognition system – This machine needs to scan faces of individuals for recognizing and granting access to their things. Face recognition comes under the biometric registration system only as it also works exactly in the same way.

What are the places where face recognition is preferred?

Facial recognition is being used in several places. Some places where face recognition system is commonly used are mentioned below:-

ü In Payment apps – Nowadays with the improvement in biometric technology, you can make your online payment more secure just by adding face unlock to it. This will prevent others from accessing your account details and other important information.

ü For unlocking phones – Face recognition feature is now being used in mobile phones for unlocking. It reduces the time that we used to take while entering passwords and pins to unlock it. It also becomes a lot secure as it uses our biometrics.

ü For marking attendance – This has become much common in abroad but still not much used in India. In India, it is mostly used by multilevel organizations for marking the attendance of their employees.

How can you define the best biometric machine?

Choices of people may vary regarding the best biometric machine but if we get the desired machine following our needs and requirements then, it will be best for us. Here are mentioned some features which the best biometric machine should provide us.

ü It should be giving us completely accurate information.

ü The working speed of such biometric machines should be high i.e. should save our precious time.

ü It should be cost-effective so that people can easily afford it.

The device should be highly reliable and should increase the company's productivity.