What is the future of biometric identification technology?

What is the future of biometric identification technology?

 Biometric identification is nowadays trending due to its various features. It has made our work easier and has made our life leisure. It is much prevalent in urban as well as rural areas. If we look at the use of the biometric identification technology then it seems like a lot of new biometric devices are going to appear in the future. In contrast to passwords that are more diligently to recall and keep up, unique finger impression and iris examining are moderately simpler for individuals to utilize. The new types of innovation are the retina check not at all like, iris examine retinal sweep is utilized to outline novel examples of an individual's retina. Also, many companies are intended to build up a product that would be out in the market soon which uses a variety of biometric including the face shape, voice design, how an individual moves or swipes their telephone screen and how they type.  

 Do we need biometric identification technology?

Biometric Identification technology will help improve administration conveyance in human services offices. It will be simpler than any other time in recent memory to follow a patient at a few medicinal services offices and monitor their records. In certain pieces of the world, when a patient visits an alternate medicinal specialist co-op other than the one they much of the time visit or the one they visited last time, the therapeutic professionals begin diagnosing the patient anew. This can be appropriated if social insurance suppliers have a novel method for following a patient countrywide for example with Biometrics Identification to follow their past therapeutic records.

What can be the Upcoming biometric devices in the future?

It cannot be told that which biometric identification technology is going to be discovered in the future but some guesses can be made likewise, below mentioned can be our expected biometric device in the future.

· Heartbeat measurement - This unique quality can also be used in a device to recognize and give access to an individual. Since the heartbeat or heart rate of each individual always vary and therefore this feature can be used in a recognition system.

· Signature recognition – This technology is not in use as compared to other biometric devices. And also there are chances of signatures being copied. Such types of fraud are more commonly seen in banks at other official places. Hence this technology is being improved regularly to overcome its various loopholes and to make it more reliable.

· Typing pattern – No such methodology is been invented till now date but maybe in the future typing patterns of an individual can be used for granting access or for authentication. All people have different writing habits and these trends can be used in the future for identification.

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How biometric identification technology reduces fraud?

The scope of biometric identification technology is more in the near future. Biometric security is seen as a way to reduce fraud. The cardholders will no longer have to use passwords as these are replaced by biometrics. This Identification is going to nip extortion in the buds particularly for administration line ventures where acts of neglect like digital assaults and where conceivable outcomes of deception and misrepresentation are high similar to in the protection business, banking, benefits plan supports organizations and taxpayer driven organizations establishments. At the end of the day, misrepresentation will be diminished to low levels by wide reception and secure joining of biometrics in these establishments.

Why do fingerprint-based attendance systems are more reliable?

Using fingerprint attendance systems for marking up the attendance is time-saving, more efficient, error-free and also now these devices are available at very low cost. The complete process is automated and no human effort is required and thus saves time and human effort for us at the time. No other biometric device provides such advantages and hence fingerprint based attendance systems are more reliable.  

All these were the devices that are most likely to be seen in the future. But, surely, the use of biometric identification is going to improve in the future.   

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