Which are the trending biometric devices in India?

Which are the trending biometric devices in India?

 Biometric devices are now used almost everywhere by us. Biometric devices are the one which makes use of the unique traits present in human beings for human identification and control access. Since these biometric devices make use of such unique features, therefore, the data that they provide is highly reliable and secure. Biometric devices in India are almost being used at mostly all the places. Earlier it was a difficult task to find biometric devices and also at that time technology was also new therefore it was difficult for people to rely on these devices.

Fingerprint-based devices – These are most commonly used by people for identification and control access and also for security purposes. Now even mobile phones are coming with this feature. For the unique identification of an individual, fingerprints of an individual are used. According to a survey, even two identical twins do not have the same fingerprints. This gives us an idea of their uniqueness.

Face recognition system – Now mostly for marking attendance of students or employees face attendance system is preferred as they are effective and work fast. It can manage the attendance of a large number of employees within no time. It scans the face of the individual from a distance and hence saves the time of making contact with the machine.

Voice recognition – This was in many trends for some time only as it was not safe enough. People nowadays can easily mimic the voice of others can get access to devices of other people. Now people can do most of the work by using their voice command.

Iris scanner – This kind of scanner is used for improved security by private organizations. For accessing into a secret chamber or for unlocking some secret data files such scanners are used mostly.

These were the few most commonly used biometric devices in India.

In which sectors biometric devices in India are used?

Biometric devices are used in all the sectors and fields but the most common places of use of biometric devices in India are mentioned below:-

Ø In Banks – Nowadays for making the transaction more secure biometric devices are used by most of the banks.

Ø At Airports – Fingerprints and iris of an individual are scanned at the airport for confirming his/her identity. This data is then stored in the international database for security purposes.

Ø Building access – At certain places of high security, building access is granted on confirming your identity. This is used by most of the multinational companies and other private organizations who want to keep their working hidden from the outside world.

Ø Blood Banks – When it comes to taking and giving blood, identity is pretty important and therefore unique identity of the individual is taken here.

Which is the best attendance device nowadays?

All of us know the fact that marking attendance is a tough and hectic task due to which we prefer using the best attendance device for the following. There is a number of ways through which we can manage and mark attendance of our employees such as fingerprint-based attendance, face recognition, manual attendance, and using other attendance software. Since manual attendance has become too old now also is much time-taking and at the same time becomes very difficult for an individual to manage.

So, the answer to this problem was biometrics. Biometric attendance devices can be used for marking attendance. It provides uncountable benefits over other devices or methods.

More brief about Biometric devices!

Any device that requires or uses unique fingerprints of human beings like fingerprints, palm, face, iris, retina, DNA, and others are termed as biometric devices. Now we all are aware of the fact that biometric provides us with immense benefits that people can't deny using it. Some of its remarkable benefits are given below:-

ü Exactness – Here precision implies that it doesn't permit some other individual other than the approved ones to get to.

ü Quick working – The total procedure of perceiving and allowing access scarcely takes 1-3 seconds which is simply equivalent to the hour of squinting of our eyes.

 Practical – Installing these biometric gadgets resembles one-time portion benefits that don't require upkeep over and over.