Which Biometric Devices for Jeevan Pramaan are mostly used?

Which Biometric Devices for Jeevan Pramaan are mostly used?

 In India, millions of families are dependent on the pension. And for some of them, it is the only source of income. Since a lot of fraud is done in pension-related issues in India, therefore, the government took certain steps so that no pension fraud can be done. Therefore the government of India took certain steps to prevent such fraud. The government made it necessary to give their life proof ( Jeevan Pramaan ) to their respective banks from where they get their pensions. It became much difficult for people of old age to come to banks and standing in queues. Thus the government introduced Jeevan pramaan or Digital life certificate in which the pensioners just need to give their biometrics from which their certificate was made. Hence biometric devices for Jeevan Pramaan are used like the fingerprint scanner and iris recognition. This was reliable for the pensioners as now no longer they need to stand in queues and need to wait for long and as well as for the banks as they get assured about the individual from their biometrics.

The two best biometric devices for Jeevan Pramaan!

Various kinds of biometric devices are used for verification of individuals. Mainly for verification of an individual for Jeevan pramaan nowadays fingerprint scanner and iris recognition are used. There are many fingerprint and iris recognition systems available in the market but not all of them are effective and efficient. Some of the best biometric devices for Jeevan Pramaan are as follows:-

Ø Mantra MFS100 Biometric Fingerprint USB Scanner – This device goes under idea using for affirmation in mobile phones, work territory, and various others. First-rate sensors are presented inside for checking low-quality fingerprints besides.

Ø IRITech BK2121U dual iris scanner – This iris scanner is capable of scanning both eyes at a time. It can run on Windows or Android or Linux. Its price is a bit costly but working is quite efficient.

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Why fingerprint scanner for Jeevan Pramaan is so popular?

The fingerprint scanner is used at a lot number of places and even for various central government schemes. Now even for the Jeevan Pramaan scheme, fingerprint devices are used. Using fingerprint devices we feel more secure as every individual has a unique fingerprint. Fingerprint scanner for Jeevan Pramaan has been much popular till now because of its number of advantages that it provides. Since a lot of money fraud is done in this pension field. Therefore to make it reliable for the pensions so as they get their pensions on time and for banks as only the recognized individual is receiving the pension. To secure it further iris recognition is also used. Hence the pensions of individuals are given in safe hands.

Why biometric devices are considered reliable?

Biometrics has been always advantageous until now date. Biometric devices give us a large number of benefits due to which they are used much. Some of the best advantages of biometric devices are mentioned below:-

ü Accuracy – The level of accuracy that biometric devices provide is competitive. Accuracy of biometric devices is high because of the unique characteristics used like fingerprints, face, palm, voice, iris or retina.

ü Speed – Since its working is completely automatic therefore not many individuals are required for its working. And these devices work at high speed and save our precious time.

ü Nothing to remember – If you are dealing with biometric devices then you don't need to remember any passwords or pins as you are a password yourself. Without your biometrics, no one else can open your device.

ü No fraud – While using biometric devices chances of fraud is very low or almost nil. Since duplication of these biometric devices is not possible.

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