Which Biometric Device for Attendance is the Best?

Which Biometric Device for Attendance is the Best?

 Before the introduction of biometrics in India, the manual method was the only way of marking attendance. But now there are several other ways of marking attendance. Biometrics is the only way now to mark attendance effectively and efficiently. With the increase in the demand for these products, a large number of biometric products have come in the market nowadays. Marking attendance manually takes much time and becomes awful therefore most of the places nowadays are installed with biometric machines for attendance management. No other technology or method can compete in terms of marking attendance efficiently with biometrics. Using biometrics is quite beneficial for us as it saves our time and since the complete process is automated therefore reduces human labor and becomes cost-effective for us.

Which biometric device for attendance would you prefer?

There are various biometric devices for attendance but people choose accordingly to their needs and budget. People choose biometric devices based on location and number of individuals. Some of the best and trustworthy biometric machines are mentioned below:-

Ø Fingerprint-based attendance devices – The individual just needs to scan his/her fingerprint and attendance of the same is marked automatically. It also prevents unauthorized users from accessing our private files, folders or even place. Nowadays fingerprint devices are not only used for attendance purposes but also unique identification of an individual but also used for security purposes. Some of the best fingerprint-based scanners are SUPREMA BIO MINI PLUS 2, ID SURV 801 AEBAS and many others. With the improvement in the technology prices of these biometric devices have also gone down.

Ø Face recognition system – In places of the high standard face recognition system is used for marking attendance of individuals. But the only reason due to which it is lagging is its expensive price. Since this device uses advanced technology software and high-quality cameras which is costly due to which its overall costs become high. These high-quality cameras are capable of scanning an individual's face from a distance. The user doesn't require to make contact with the machine. One of the best face recognition systems in the market for marking attendance is ZKteco U Face 800 recognition.

Given above are the two best biometric devices for attendance present in the market. Both of them are best and have their unique characteristics. But the difference lies in their prices as the face recognition system is costlier than the fingerprint attendance system.

How attendance management can be advantageous for us?

Managing attendance at an institution has always been a tedious task for individuals. It can help to improve the overall productivity of an organization. Attendance management is done using either biometric devices or using attendance management software. Attendance management mainly refers to the tracking attendance and number of working hours of employees. Mainly in all offices and other places, time attendance software is used for keeping a record of employee's working efficiency.

Using these attendance management devices you can save your precious time and keeping working details can help in calculating accurate payroll for employees. Hence most of the educational institutions like schools, colleges, coaching centers, and hostels are installed with biometric devices for attendance management.

Should we rely on biometric devices?

Biometric devices are used nowadays almost all over the globe and that too in various fields. The advantages that we get using these biometric devices are uncountable. Earlier most of the people were unaware of the use of such devices. Most of the work was done manually.

These biometric devices have been used for previous years and till now they have been favorable for all of us.

We can conclude that biometric devices are reliable because of the number of benefits they provide us. These machines can save your time, provide you with incomparable accuracy and now are easily available at low prices. There are present various online websites where you can avail of these biometric devices and that too at reasonable prices.

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