How is biometric authentication enhancing the security?

How is biometric authentication enhancing the security?

 In recent years, even though the technology has gone too far but still the most popular means of authentication is still a password. Despite knowing the fact that passwords are vulnerable to theft or can be guessed are still being used in every field. Biometric authentication refers to the act of granting access to an individual or many at the same time by identifying their unique features like fingerprint, face, palm, iris, and voice. There are present several systems but none of them is as good as biometrics. Hence we can say biometric authentication enhancing the security of our information & data.

In what ways is biometric Authentication Enhancing security?

Biometric authentication is used in several places because of its huge advantages. In previous years, it has replaced almost all the systems providing access. The main reasons due to which we consider biometric authentication enhancing the security are mentioned below:-

     Þ More secure – Since these biometric devices use unique characteristics to identify an individual, therefore, more secure than passwords or pins as they might be guessed or stolen. But these                 traits of humans are very difficult to duplicate or copy and therefore are secure.

Þ Fraud is less – Nowadays fraud is done in almost all the things but copying these physiological features of an individual is tough. While it doesn't take much time to access a device protected with a password or pins.

Þ  Reliable – Since the complete process of authentication and granting access is completely automatic and therefore chances of error or false information is very less. It checks if the data related to the user is registered in the database then, it grants access otherwise not.

Þ  Cost-effective – The price of these devices have reduced to a great extent if compared to the past few years. Therefore a lot of people prefer biometric devices in comparison to any other device or system.

Hence in the above ways, biometric authentication enhancing the security of personal being and other information and data.

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Places where biometric authentication is being used!

      · Law Enforcement – To verify criminals and to maintain their records biometric authentication is used in law enforcement. All the information related to an individual who has a previous                       record can be managed and updated online.

· Building Access – Several Multinational companies use biometric devices to manage attendance records of their employees. To get to know their number of working hours, leaves and their check-in and check-out time. We can get all this information with just a single click.

· Transaction – While making large transactions we have to use our identification and then we are granted access to our account. Here biometric authentication enhancing the security of our money during its transaction.

· Security checks – Sometimes while meeting to certain VIP person we can register ourselves for which our biometrics are taken. At places like airports, this type of authentication is used.

· Access control – Nowadays either you want to access your mobile phones or at any other place, biometric authentication has become very common in these places. It only gives permission to the registered user and no one else.  

What makes biometric technology secure?

Unique and characteristic features of the biometrics make Biometric Technology Secure. Since most of the features of an individual vary therefore it becomes simple for a biometric device to recognize and give access.

Since biometric has its unique features therefore, it becomes more reliable for us since no one else except you can access the data. It uses features like fingerprints, face or iris or retinal scan because all of the following have very less probability of duplication. Once the correct biometric device is installed then it provides you the best possible result with minimal effort. Since it is very easy to use and maintain and can be managed with ease. The biometric device takes around 2-3 second to identify and recognize an individual, therefore, is much efficient.

Using biometric devices we save a lot of our precious time and the chance of fraud is very low which makes biometric technology secure. It is effective in almost all places wherever it is used.

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