Where can I buy biometric attendance system in India?

Where can I buy biometric attendance system in India?

 Biometric attendance system in India are nowadays used to report working days, check-in & check-out time of all employees. There are a large number of biometric attendance systems which are available online at very affordable price. Almost all the biometric devices are available online as offline sale of these products is low. While purchasing products online please make sure that the website that you are dealing with is genuine and secure because a lot of fraud companies are also there in the market.

Need of biometric attendance system in India?

The main necessity of installing biometric attendance system is that it saves our time and also to avoid manipulation. Manual attendance system can undoubtedly be controlled and any worker can put an intermediary proxy in the manual attendance register and even though you cannot even track. If every one of the representatives are physically stamped present consistently, despite of the fact that they were not even there, they may end up paying more compensation resulting in financial loss of the company. To avoid all these blunders, offices use biometric attendance system which has zero chance of attendance manipulation. These attendance systems work on such algorithms that ensure us 100% accuracy of the information. Thus, keeping all these points in need we can conclude that Biometric attendance system in India is also much needed.

Most Commonly used biometric attendance system in India

At present there are a number o biometric machines that are being widely used all over the globe. Some of them are mentioned below:-

· Fingerprint based attendance system – Fingerprint based Attendance system is considered as the best biometric attendance system in India till now date. This type of machine can recognize and distinguish persons on the basis of their fingerprints. Since fingerprints of an individual is very unique and hence they are used widely to access control. It becomes quite simpler to authenticate a person using biometric attendance system. It has numerous uses in our day to day life then it may be in offices or in companies as well. Also the main reason behind its vast use is its reasonable price that people can overcome easily.

· Face recognition biometric system – In this type of system, recognition and authentication is done on the basis of face recognition which are then matched from the earlier registered faces in the database. Companies which have a large employee count need such time of machines which can provide access to large number of people within a little time. Attendance of employees can be marked very fast using this technology.

· Aadhaar based biometric attendance system –Recently our Indian government has provided every Indian with a unique identification card which we call as “Adadhaar card”. A large number of physiological features are used while making this like fingerprint, face and iris. Every citizen is then provide with a unique identification number which is used as identification at many places to mark their attendance.

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Why biometric attendance solution is in trend?

Now, no more manual attendance is taken as biometric attendance has come in use. Presently, it just takes a second for the participation to be recorded. Ascertaining participation is no major ordeal any longer. The framework is valuable for figuring understudy participation effectively. By taking out administrative work, it has carried digitization to the front line. This reduces the time and energy spent in figuring the participation. Therefore, biometric attendance solution is been used extensively in all the fields and is the key to all the previous attendance problems.

What are the Benefits of using biometric attendance system?

With the application of the biometric attendance system in India among various organizations, there are a lot of benefits which have given a boost and also helped to grow and achieve efficiency. Some important benefits of using biometric attendance system are:-

ü No manipulation – While dealing with biometric system, the best advantage is that no manipulation can be done with the information because it uses unique traits of every individual to mark their attendance. Only the person who is present physically can mark their attendance. Manipulation is very much possible in case of manual attendance.

ü Error-free – After implementation of the biometric attendance system, the complete process becomes automatic and chances of error are very low. Hence, salary of the individual can be calculated accurately.

ü Saves time & money – No use of paper and pen is done in whole procedure, hence saves our time as well as human resource. Reports are generated easily within no time and with maximum accuracy.

ü Reports generation – Multiple reports can be made at a time with only a single click of mouse. Biometric attendance system easily manages attendance, holidays, leaves, overtimes and shifts.

Overall we can conclude that biometric attendance system in India is quite beneficial and efficient to implement and due to its various advantages it is being used worldwide.

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