Which is the best fingerprint attendance system in India?

Which is the best fingerprint attendance system in India?

 The use of biometric devices has much increased in the past few years and due to their large number of advantages in all the sectors. These devices are used in a large number of sectors ranging from IT sector, for security reasons, granting access and also at several checkpoints. While talking of attendance using biometric devices there are only some devices which are effective and being used widely. Fingerprint-based attendance and face recognition are the most common devices that are being used for attendance nowadays. Among these two, fingerprint-based attendance has become the most common method and is used by most of people. The best fingerprint attendance system in India is available on several sites and one can easily avail its benefits.

How to categorize the best fingerprint attendance system in India?

There are numerous fingerprint systems that are being used. But not everyone can be given the title of being the best. Any fingerprint which has all the following mentioned features can be considered as the best fingerprint attendance system in India.

· Removes fraud attendance – Proxy was much more common when these biometric devices were not in use. A proxy refers to the fake attendance of the individual who is not physically present by his fellow beings. Using fingerprint attendance devices no more fake attendance can be marked.

· Cost-effective –It should be cheaper if it has to manage its market. Because a lot of people cannot afford to use such devices due to its high price. So it has to be cost-effective to extend its number of users.

· Reduce Manpower – Using any fully automated machine, will save our human resource which can be used somewhere else in case of need. After installing these biometric machines, you just have to sit back in your office and relax. You can easily manage the attendance records of your employees from your office only.

· Restricts unauthorized access – Since using these biometric devices is highly secure as it prevents any other user to access our device. Therefore it is much reliable.

· Manages holidays – One can easily manage leaves & holidays taken by the individuals who can maintain a complete record of all the leaves using an attendance management system.

These all are the characteristics that a biometric attendance device should possess to be the best attendance device in India.

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What is the Prevalent biometric attendance system used in India?

Using the earlier manual method for marking up the attendance of the individual has become very old. Nowadays, the Biometric attendance system in India is being used extensively in almost all fields. Majorly used attendance system in India are as mentioned below : -

Fingerprint attendance system – Due to its effective price and efficient working this system is much widely used if compared to any other attendance system. This system just needs the fingerprint verification of the individual for marking up the attendance. It rarely takes 2 to 3 seconds for authentication. Nowadays, it is used in most of the offices, hostels, colleges for marking up the attendance.

Face recognition system – Many multinational companies or the companies that require a high level of security use face recognition systems. Since the cost of a face recognition system is much higher than the fingerprint attendance system therefore not everyone can easily afford it. This system uses a face scan to mark attendance. It also works efficiently and therefore its demand has increased these days a lot.

Voice recognition system – At a time, the voice recognition system was in trend but to a lot of spoofing in this system certainly, its use has become very less. In this system, the voice of an individual is used for marking up the attendance.

These all were the most commonly used best fingerprint attendance system in India. In recent years, a lot of biometric devices have come and have boosted our efficiency of doing work. But seems like in future years a lot is about to come.

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