What is the best attendance device available in the market?

What is the best attendance device available in the market?

  For almost every organization, businesses & Enterprise, managing and maintaining workforce attendance is critical. Biometric time and attendance system render an accurate clock-in and clock-out time of personnel in any firm to achieve functional excellence. The biometric attendance device presents a cost-effective solution for controlling the employee’s attendance and collecting the data. This attendance system not only enhances security amongst the workers but safeguards the working environment along with protecting a company’s valuable data. Moreover, attendance management system controls and authorizes by tracking & maintaining the entries and exits of every employee.

What is the biometric attendance management system?

What is a biometric terminal? Essentially, employees scan their fingerprint on the terminal. The terminal then verifies the identity of the user. This can be used to allow employees to clock in or out or you can use these terminals to clock in or out or you can use these terminals to restricts access to specific rooms.

Biometrics provides added security. This can be incredibly beneficial when used in a work environment. Biometric terminals use advanced technology to scan fingerprints. With a biometric attendance system, employee attendance is accurately logged.

You can prevent time theft and attendance abuse. You have the option to restrict access to certain rooms in your business. You can also simplify your entire attendance abuse. You can also simplify your entire attendance and record-keeping system. If you are interested in these benefits, then learn more about biometric attendance devices.

These biometric attendance systems can be used alone or with additional input methods. You can add input methods to further increase security. This includes the addition of the following options:

Pin entry

Key fobs

Id badges

Swipe cards

This is the most secure system for tracking time and attendance. Best of all, you have multiple options for installing a biometric scanner. You can choose several different attendance systems that rely on biometric technology.

Biometric attendance systems for any workplace

There are multiple types of biometric systems that you can use in your workplace. You are able to choose an option that fits your specific needs. Attendance Management system is very helpful for both the organization as well as for the employee. Attendance management systems increase a company’s shift management practice, where employees are tagged to the work depending upon their availability in the office.

Find a biometric terminal that works best in your business. This includes the following options:

· Proximity terminals – These are wall-mounted terminals that can be used in just about any setting. You can use the biometric scanner with or without additional input methods. Combing the biometric terminal with the use of the key fob or swipe card will increase the overall security of the system.  

· Desktop readers –Desktop readers are placed on a desk and connected to a central attendance system. Employees scan their fingerprint on the desktop reader. This can be used to clock in or out.

· PC based clocking – It uses a web-based application to handle time and attendance. Employees can scan their fingerprint on a biometric device and then follow the prompts on the web-based application. The attendance information is instantly sent to a central database.

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 Why should you consider upgrading to a biometric attendance system?  

The benefits truly make biometric systems the smart choice for modern business. Here is a look at the primary advantages offered by biometrics:

ü Multiple imaging is more effective than optical solutions

ü Increase the security of your workplace

ü Prevent time theft and attendance abuse

ü Biometric terminals are easy to use

ü Install in multiple locations around your workplace

ü Restrict or grant locations around your workplace

Biometric Attendance device supports

             · Cloud-based platform to access the data anytime anywhere

             · Report generation on employee attendance

             · Live attendance tracking

             · Centralized data collection of multiple locations

             · Personnel – wise attendance tracking and monitoring

             · Report scheduling

             · Time – attendance management for different shifts

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