Do we need an Attendance machine?

Do we need an Attendance machine?

 The use of attendance machines has increased in the past few years. In any institute marking attendance of individuals has always been a hectic task for the HR of the company. But now with the introduction of the attendance machine, it has become quite simpler for us. These machines can mark attendance uniquely and within no time. With time passing by, these machines are improving day by day. Nowadays, mainly biometric attendance machines are recommended more as they are more reliable than humans and other methods. The human methodology of marking attendance is slow and ineffective therefore now being replaced by these machines. Everyone wants to save their time while marking attendance and therefore attendance machine is widely used and required.

What benefits do we get by installing an Attendance machine?

The installation of a biometric attendance machine gives us a few outstanding benefits. Some of the best advantages are mentioned below:-

Ø BUDDY PUNCHING – No further buddy-punching can be done and is eliminated. Since the biometrics of an individual are required therefore no proxy can be made.

Ø ACCURACY – Using these machines we get data with maximum accuracy. Since no fraud or changes can be made in attendance machine or the data as most of the process is completely automatic.

Ø CONVENIENT – Anyone can easily manage the attendance of individuals from anywhere and thus becomes easier for anyone to manage it.

Ø SPEED – The working speed of the biometric devices is very much faster than the human individual or any other method.

Ø PUNCTUALITY – It is seen that wherever these attendance devices are installed, the punctuality of employees of that place is improved.

Ø COST-EFFECTIVE – At the time of the introduction of biometric technology, the prices of these biometric devices were high. And thus, people cannot afford them. But now with the improvement in the technology prices of these devices have also gone down.

Looking above their advantages, these attendance devices provide us they seem to be advantageous to us. But now, even these biometric devices can also be cheated but this is very rarely observed.

What is attendance management and how does it matter?

 Attendance management refers to the act of managing the presence and absence of employees. Previously, before the introduction of these machines, all these processes were done manually. We all know that humans are prone to error, therefore, the attendance reports were not completely accurate. But nowadays, the use of biometric devices is done for attendance management. Currently, most of the organizations pay their individuals according to their work and attendance reports. This becomes reliable for both the institution as well as for the employees. As the individuals get also paid for their overtime done, and the institution doesn’t pay anyone extra. Overall, attendance management can improve an individual’s productivity.

Today in almost all the government organizations, attendance is managed online and therefore can be managed from anywhere, anytime just a stable internet connection and a device is required.

Currently, there are two best ways of managing attendance:-

Installing a biometric device – A biometric device can be installed for scanning an individual’s biometric and marking attendance. It can be a fingerprint scanner, face recognition, and an iris scanner.

Attendance app – This is the most preferred method currently as it can work efficiently and is cheaper than the biometric device. You can even try it free for a few days.

Which is mostly used biometric attendance machine?

The most commonly used biometric attendance machine is fingerprint-based. Fingerprints of individuals are required for marking attendance. The use of these attendance machines is done in hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, coaching institutes and numerous other places. The use of biometric machines for marking attendance has become common nowadays due to their effective and efficient working.

Biometrics are referred to the unique characteristics of human individuals used for identification and verification of an individual. Since these features are unique in every individual, therefore, chances of duplication are very less. This improves our level of security. And it becomes completely reliable for us to use.

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