Which attendance device for PMKVY is suitable?

Which attendance device for PMKVY is suitable?

 With the introduction of biometrics, marking attendance of individuals has become much easier. These attendance machines being used nowadays are also part of several government schemes as well. The use of attendance device for PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana ) has increased nowadays. This scheme mainly aims at providing training to the youth for developing their skills by which they can earn their livelihood. Till today this scheme has benefitted around 10 million people and is still in action developing raw talent. The skills of individuals are also accessed and certified and the complete training fees of individuals are paid by the government. This means it becomes completely free for individuals and acts as an opportunity for youngsters and people with a hidden talent.

Is using an attendance device for PMKVY required?

Today at either it is an educational institute or at government offices or any other private organization use of attendance, devices have become common. The use of attendance devices is also done for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana for marking the attendance of individuals uniquely. We all know that humans are prone to error and therefore increased use of biometric machines is being observed. The main reasons due to which attendance device for PMKVY is used are as follows:-

ü Since this scheme includes a very large number of people and therefore managing and marking of attendance manually on pen and paper is very difficult. Hence use of attendance devices is done for better and easier working.

ü Attendance of individuals can be marked uniquely and accurately by using these attendance machines.

ü Since the working process is fast and therefore saves a lot of our time.

ü It reduces our cost of human labor for us as most of the work i.e. marking attendance is done automatically.

ü Attendance reports of all individuals can be generated within very less time.

Hence we can say that using attendance devices can be of much use for us. The use of biometric attendance devices has expanded worldwide in almost every sector and society.

Which attendance device is the best?

With the betterment of technology, a large number of attendance devices have come up in the market. Mainly the use of biometric attendance devices is done at numerous places. Biometrics are the unique characteristics of human individuals that are used for recognition and identification of an individual. Depending upon the type of biometrics used Best attendance device can be of various types. Some commonly used and easily available attendance devices are mentioned below:-

Fingerprint-based attendance – This is the most commonly used attendance system. It is used in hostels, hotels, hospitals, banks, schools, colleges and several other institutions for marking attendance. It takes a maximum of 2-3 seconds for recognition, identification and marking attendance of an individual.

Face Attendance devices – In this technology, the face of the individual is scanned for marking attendance. Since the use of high-quality cameras and technology is done therefore the prices of these devices are quite high.

Attendance software – The individual just needs to login to for marking his/her attendance. It provides highly accurate data and attendance can be managed in very little time.

How biometric device cost affects the market?

At the time of the introduction of biometric devices, the prices of these biometric devices were high and due to which people were not able to afford them easily. But with the time passing by and improvement in the technology their prices have gone done and now have become affordable. This decrease in biometric device cost has boosted the rate of consumption of these biometric devices. These biometric devices are available on multiple online websites and that too at reasonable prices. Seeing at the rate of use of these devices, it seems like a lot more biometric devices are yet to come in the future.


There are numerous attendance devices present online for attendance management. These attendance devices are capable of managing attendance of individuals effectively. It is used for employee management, for doing kyc of individuals. This device is compact in size and comes with reasonable prices. Since this device is portable therefore can be carried anywhere easily. Since most of the work is done online therefore can be accessed anytime from anywhere. One of the best attendance device for marking attendance is ID SURV 801 AEBAS. This device is especially designed for being utilized at Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

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