What features of the AEBAS fingerprint device make it more efficient?

What features of the AEBAS fingerprint device make it more efficient?

There have been a tremendous number of attendance devices present in the market. And every day these numbers keep on increasing as its demand is increasing every day. Earlier people were not aware either about the biometric technology nor about the biometric devices. Due to this lack of awareness, these biometric devices were not much used. Using ( Aadhaar fingerprint-based attendance system) AEBAS fingerprint device becomes reliable for us in various aspects such as accuracy, time-management, speed, cost, and few others. Using fingerprint-based devices is considered more effective as fingerprints are one of our unique characteristics. Every individual has it’s own unique fingerprints and thus acts as an identity for them.

Why do we need the AEBAS attendance device?

The use of an attendance system is done by almost every organization for improving their productivity. Managing attendance of all individuals by an institution has become necessary nowadays. As some of the employees need to be eliminated which are not productive and inefficient. Some most common places of use of the AEBAS attendance device are as follows:-

  • Government offices – The most common places of use of Aadhaar based attendance devices are several government offices. The government mainly makes use of such devices to increase the punctuality of employees. Not only in government offices but it is also utilized in a large number of government schemes as the use of Aadhaar makes it more secure.
  • Banks – The banks have now installed Aadhaar based attendance to reduce the various frauds with the attendance of employees. As manual attendance was completely ineffective and time-taking too.
  • Schemes – Various government schemes such as Jeevan Pramaan, Digital locker, MANREGA, UIDAI child enrollment, and several others involve the use of Aadhaar based attendance devices. 
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How Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system is better than other methods and technologies?

The use of Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system has increased in previous years due to its increased accuracy and improved efficiency rate. Mainly people prefer this system to eliminate proxy by another individual as it decreases the productivity rate of employees. It also helps to improve the punctuality of employees and make them more punctual. Some of the best advantages of Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system are mentioned underneath:-

  • Real-time data – The attendance marked at any moment is updated online and hence the attendance of individuals is up to date using this system.
  • Eliminated fraud – All frauds of attendance as false attendance, proxy are eliminated as attendance here is marked with the unique aadhaar number or by using a card that is linked to Aadhaar card.
  • Easily Accessible – The data here can be accessed easily anywhere, anytime all over the globe just with a stable internet connection.
  • No Data loss – The data stored here is saved in the database and thus cannot be lost. This data can be used for future use.

Where can we get AEBAS fingerprint devices?

Today, almost everything of our need is present online on various websites. There are present several devices for marking attendance of individuals but among them, all the best one currently is the AEBAS fingerprint attendance device. Firstly, the fingerprint of the individual is scanned using biometric devices and then they are matched with the fingerprints stored in the Aadhaar server. This makes the attendance of individuals completely accurate and effective as no fraud can be done in this complete process. The people looking forward to buying these devices from various websites must make sure that the website is completely genuine from where they re willing to buy the product. As several fraud companies are also present in the market. Therefore, they must select the most trustworthy websites for buying biometric products.