How using the AEBAS attendance device is convenient?

How using the AEBAS attendance device is convenient?

 There are a present large number of biometric devices for marking attendance in the market. The AEBAS stands for Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system which works based on Aadhaar card. Since attendance is marked using the Aadhaar number, therefore, chances of duplication are nil and thus increases the accuracy of attendance of employees. The AEBAS attendance device can be availed easily on multiple online websites. A Biometric scanner is placed for recognition of biometrics of individuals which are linked to Aadhaar Server. It becomes safer for the individuals as every individual has its unique Aadhaar number and unique Biometrics.

Some best advantages of the AEBAS attendance device?

AEBAS provides us with some significant features. Some of the best features are mentioned below:-

ü ACCURACY – Since the support is checked using exceptional features, likewise, chances of deception become low and exactness ends up being high. It shed buddy punching right now strong for us.

ü RELIABLE – Since the process of marking attendance by using this system is completely automatic therefore becomes much reliable for people to use. Attendance management is done on the Linux platform for long term performance.

ü REAL-TIME TRACKING – The Attendance of individuals is marked and reports are made online by using this system. This can be done easily by using the AEBAS attendance device.

ü SPEED -  The working process of this system is very fast and takes a maximum of 1.5 seconds for recognition and identification. This system saves much of our precious time.

ü CONVENIENT – Since Attendance is marked using the aadhaar number or either using cards, therefore, eliminates manual entry and makes data more secure and accurate for us.

ü EASY TO MANAGE – Most of the methodology is modified and right now, minimal human work is required for administering it.

Where is the fingerprint scanner used?

The fingerprint device scans the fingerprint of individuals for recognition and identification. It is commonly used at several numbers of places such as schools, colleges, coaching institutes, various government offices, banks and various other. Some common places of the use fingerprint scanner are mentioned underneath:-

· Mobile phones – The best example of the use of the fingerprint scanner is our mobile phones. We can easily unlock our mobile phones using our fingerprints.

· Schools/Colleges – The use of a fingerprint scanner is done for marking attendance in schools & colleges which saves our precious time. It becomes convenient for admin as well for the students to manage and mark attendance of students respectively.

· Gyms – Gyms have now started using fingerprint-based attendance devices for marking accurate attendance.

· Law enforcement – People are now using fingerprints of individuals for knowing the previous criminal records of individuals.

· Payment apps – Nowadays we use various payment apps for making online transactions and the use of fingerprint is done for making these online transactions secure.

· Identity making – Fingerprints are used in the formation of most of the identities as fingerprints are considered one of the most unique biometrics of human individuals.

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Where can you get Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system?

These biometric devices can be easily availed on numerous online websites. The important thing that the buyer has to keep in mind is that the website should be genuine and trustworthy. As with the increase in the number of online websites, many fraud companies have also come into the market. The Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system is present at affordable prices on these websites. These websites provide these biometric devices with the number of discounts and cashback offers.

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