Can I get an Aadhaar Card without Biometrics?

Can I get an Aadhaar Card without Biometrics?

 Aadhaar card is one of the most unique identifications of the individuals that are residents of India. This aadhaar card is valid all over India. This process of identification of individuals is completely controlled by the central government. In this identification, each individual is given a unique 12 digit number and all the details of the individual can be found put. During the process of making of aadhaar card biometrics of all individuals are taken such as fingerprints, eyes are scanned and face is also scanned. You can use this identity anywhere within India, it would be valid. Even though, nowadays it has become compulsory for one to have an aadhaar card. Either you are doing a reservation or booking a hotel or want to open a bank account, you must have an Aadhaar card. In short, we can conclude that you can’t get an Aadhaar card.

What Advantages an Aadhaar card gives us?

There are a lot of advantages that an Aadhaar card gives. Since biometrics are the most unique features of an individual and is a necessary condition for making an Aadhaar card. Therefore aadhaar card without biometrics is not possible. Some best advantages of aadhaar card are mentioned below:-

ü As Identity Card – It is the most important identity of residents of India. It can be used as an identity card at almost all the places.

ü In Banks – For opening an account in any bank, you need an aadhaar card as identity proof. If you do not own an aadhaar card then you won’t be able to open a bank account.

ü In passports – If you wish to go abroad, you need a passport and for applying for that also you need aadhaar card.

ü Provident funds - People who link their Aadhar Card to their Pension Accounts can have their opportune reserve dispensed legitimately to their records through their PF association.

ü Aadhaar based biometric attendance system – Since from the year 2014, this machine is in use in government offices for managing absenteeism of individuals and to keep a record of their attendance.

ü New Sim card – If you are going to buy a new sim card, you need to have aadhaar card. This is the necessary and sufficient condition for getting a new sim card.

ü For investments – If one is planning to invest money in mutual or any other kind of funds then having an Aadhaar card is a mandatory condition for it.

ü Address proof – It is often used as address proof in many places.

Can you even imagine that one identity card can be that important and necessary for us? But the fact it is really important in our day to day and that too at many places.

What does the Aadhaar enrollment kit consist of?

All the software and hardware devices that are included or needed while making the aadhaar card are in the Aadhaar enrollment kit. They are utilized generally for enlisting natives by neighborhood or focal government associations, UID Aaadhar, World Bank and UNESCO plans. If you are looking to buy aadhaar enrollment kit then you can also check it out online, you may get certain discounts or cashback offers on various websites. This kit consists of a fingerprint scanner as fingerprints of all individuals are required and also iris scanner for scanning eyes. A screen or a workstation one for watching out for working and another for updating of data. A camera for clicking photographs and furthermore a printer for printing receipts of people.

Facts related to the Aadhaar kit!

If seen in general then Aadhaar enrollment kit or aadhaar kit or UIDAI enrollment kit are the same things. UIDAI stands for the unique identification authority of India. The main of this institution is to provide a unique character to every individual so that each one could be identified uniquely.

Since this Aadhaar kit consists of the number of devices, therefore, it is costly also. You can get all the other details about it online at several websites. This identification of an individual is valid all over India. It is likewise a substantial ID for benefiting different taxpayer driven organizations like LPG association, sponsored apportion, computerized storage and numerous others.