Is Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendance Any Good? Some Ways You Can Be Certain!

Is Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendance Any Good? Some Ways You Can Be Certain!

 Biometric Attendance systems are being used mostly in various places. Using biometric devices can ease our work and also becomes reliable for us too. But with the development in biometric technology fraud is being also done in various cases. Therefore to prevent this fraud in attendance and mark attendance uniquely Aadhaar Based Biometric Attendance system is used. This system uses a unique Aadhaar number of an individual for marking the attendance. This prevents buddy punching and also fraud from being done. The advantages of using Aadhaar based biometric attendance are numerous therefore nowadays being preferred by people at various places.

How can you Say that Aadhaar based biometric attendance system is productive?

Efficiency and effectiveness of aadhaar based biometric attendance can be measured by the number of advantages that it provides. Numerous factors which make this system more unique and productive are as follows:-

ü Speed – This system works with very high speed and takes a maximum of 1.5 seconds. Individuals just have to use their biometrics for marking their attendance. Biometrics can be of any type like it can be fingerprint or face biometrics or iris of an individual.

ü Convenience – Attendance is easily marked using Aadhaar card and also eliminates buddy and other kinds of fraud. The individual just has to scan his/her aadhaar card or another card linked with aadhaar number for marking the attendance.

ü Reliable – Attendance management using this system becomes easier. Since this system is capable of marking the attendance of individuals easily and effectively, therefore, becomes reliable for individuals.

ü Real-time data – Since the attendance marked using this system is updated online, therefore, can be accessed anytime and anywhere from the world.

ü No data loss – Since this data is updated and stored online, therefore, data of individuals remains safe.

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Which are the places where biometric technology is commonly used?

With the introduction of biometrics, our working processes have become easier. Biometrics is reliable as they use unique physiological features of the individual which cannot be duplicated or cheated easily. Some common uses biometric technology all over the world are given below:-

Ø Educational institutes – In most of the educational institutes, a biometric attendance system is used for attendance management of individuals. Majorly fingerprint attendance devices are being preferred for this purpose as these are cost-effective and efficient too.

Ø At security checks – At various security checks, biometric scanners are used for security purposes. Majorly at the entrance of buildings, it is used for confirming the identity of individuals.

Ø Granting access – It is used for the recognition of individuals and then granting access to them on confirming their identity. This prevents unauthorized users from getting into secured places.

Ø Law enforcement – It is also nowadays being used for updating records of criminals and checking their previous criminal records using their biometrics.

Ø Mobile phones – The use of biometrics has become common in mobile phones for unlocking phones and for making our data and information safe. No one else except us can get access to our phone without our biometrics.

Which kinds of Aadhaar Biometric Attendance System are in use nowadays?

These Aadhaar biometric attendance systems can be further categorized based on the biometrics used. Mainly the use of fingerprint and face recognition is done and iris of individuals are used many times.

Þ Fingerprint-based biometric Attendance – The individual just needs to scan his/her fingerprint for marking attendance. The fingerprint which is used for aadhaar card the same fingerprint is used for marking attendance also.

Þ Face recognition – The face of the individual is scanned for marking attendance. The face of the individual can be scanned from a distance only. It is capable of marking the attendance of individuals effectively.

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