Is the Employee Attendance Tracking system still relevant?

Is the Employee Attendance Tracking system still relevant?

 Employee Attendance tracking system should work to reduce rather than increase a person’s schedule. Increase productivity and efficiency with improved accuracy in tracking attendance. An integrated employee database broadens systems capabilities. The good business of tracking time & attendance is not just based on managing processes. Tracking employee attendance is important for more than just payroll.

How are employee time and attendance equipment valuable to your business?

Time and attendance devices serve a number of purposes. First and foremost, they track the number of time employees is working each day. Therefore, employee attendance system is required to keep an eye on your employees. In addition, time and attendance solutions accurately obtain important payroll information and ensure employees are accountable for their work. They can also reduce time fraud, increase security, maintain transparency and minimize administrative work.

Simplify compliance rules regarding overtime to protect your bottom line

· Visibility of trends and causes of overtime.

· Automated application of time and pay rules.

· Alerts when employees approach overtime.

· Reporting to minimize risking costly legal action.

Stay out of danger zones with the benefits of employee attendance tracking

Employee Attendance tracking system makes it easier to deliver a full service to employees and to your company. Employees can log into the web-based module to enter hours worked view vacation days or call in an unscheduled absence. Departmental managers can track the time and absences of employees without calling human resources. Due to these advantages at a time, it is often considered as one of the best attendance device.

Information is right at their fingertips as this employee attendance software is designed to handle various attendance parameters that include employee time and time card approvals. Attendance tracking begins when employees enter time, but this is not where it ends. Some employees might leave their workstations and go into other areas and perform tasks that are not recognized accurately in the system.

There are a lot of apps available on the Playstore and if you want to keep a track on your employees then you can install them anytime. One such app is “Employee tracker” which is most suitable for tracking employees of your company. For more biometric devices you can also check our website “Translineindia” and have a look at our devices. Translineindia has been providing India with such solutions to India since the year 2001.

Keep a tab on your employees with attendance management  

Knowing your employee's absences in real-time will help you plan the day ahead. If you have a mobile workforce, then employees can mark attendance from anywhere with IP and geo-restrictions. Integrate with biometric devices and get reports that help you make better decisions.

Log hours from anywhere – With check-in and check-out options both on web and mobile. People make it easier for your employees to clock their hours.

Geo – tracking keeps employees mobile – Need to validate employee check-ins that happen outside the office? It offers geo-tracking in the attendance module to enable the employee to check-in from various locations.

Break time tracking – Specify break hours, and whether they’re paid and unpaid, to better study employee attendance. Set different break times, either manual or automatic for different shifts, and calculate working hours.

Absence scheduler – Save yourself time and effort with our absence scheduler, it will easily convert absences to leave so you don’t have to spend time manually calculating.

Integrates with biometric devices – You can capture employee check-in and check – out using biometric or attendance devices.

Reports of every sort – Get graphical reports that will give you attendance summaries by day or by the hour. See reports for individual employees, or for entire teams. Filters for custom date ranges, shifts, locations, and more, will help you drill down you even deeper.  

Necessary equipment based on industry!    

Another important factor in your employee attendance tracking system required is your tracking. For example, the type of time collection method you use will depend on whether the employees in your industry are onsite or remote. Here are some common industries and their basic attendance – tracking equipment needs.

· In-office (e.g., finance, banking, marketing, management) – In-office employees are able to use a web browser or a stationary timeclock, such as an RFID badge or PIN code.

· Retail and hospitality – Since hours are less consistent than in other industries, scheduling and time – off features are very important.

· Manufacturing – In this industry, biometric time clocks are the most reliable and minimize buddy- punching.

· Construction – Employees also need an added scheduling feature to allow them to see which worksites they must report to and what tasks are required at each site.

· Trucking – Since the industry consists of primarily remote workers, an employee self – service feature is essential for drivers to track their own routes, schedules and hours o the road.

Hence, it would now be clear to you the importance of employee tracking system and its use in various industries. For more information regarding other biometric devices or if anyone is interested in buying the product, please do visit our website “House of Biometrics”.