The History of Biometric Punching Attendance System!

The History of Biometric Punching Attendance System!

 Biometric Punching attendance system works by punching of the palm or fingerprint of an individual and then marking up the attendance. Earlier these systems were not in trend as the technology was not improved that much. Mostly attendance system is used now to manage

attendance of a large number of individuals in an organization or company. Biometric punching refers to the use of unique characteristics of an individual for marking up the attendance. Managing and marking attendance has always been a tough task. But now biometrics has provided us the best possible solution and has made our work easier.

What are the Benefits of using the Biometric Punching Attendance system?

We get several benefits by using a Biometric punching attendance system. Biometric punching can be fingerprint, punch card system and many more. They are simply used by several multinational companies as they save their time - consumption, human labor and that can lead to an increase in the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Some of the benefits of using Biometric punching attendance system are mentioned below:-

ü The establishment arrangement of the biometric attendance system is simple.

ü Biometric participation framework stops mate punching like cards or PIN passwords as doing fraud is quite difficult while using biometrics.

ü Exactness pace of the biometrics participation framework is high i.e. it provides data with maximum accuracy.

ü Fingerprint scanner equipment is inexpensive and easily affordable by people.

ü No one can fake or create replica your fingerprints as they are very unique.

ü Attendance by a biometric finger scanner is a fast process it hardly takes 1 to 5 seconds only and therefore working efficiency is high.

ü While dealing with the attendance management system you get completely organized reports of all the individuals.

ü The biometric participation framework diminishes physically information section blunders.

ü Celebrations, occasions and leave the board is cool and straightforward and doesn’t need to be managed separately.

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And therefore it has become people’s choice now.

Applications of biometric punching attendance system!

A biometric punching attendance system has been now commonly used in many places. Most common places where biometric punching is used nowadays are mentioned below:-

· Hostels – Mostly in girls hostel such biometric punching attendance systems are installed to get their check-in and check-out timing. Their presence and absence in the hostel can be easily known and their details are directly forward to their parents or guardians through SMS. All they have to do is to just punch their finger on the biometric device and rest of the work automatically.

· Hotels/Motels – To know the exact number of empty rooms or occupied rooms in the hotels. These attendance systems are used in all types of hotels nowadays. It makes the booking of rooms easier for the hotel management and as well as for the guests comfortable too.

·  Login access Control – In Places with high security these attendance systems are installed for managing entries of people. These systems provide high-security login access control to people.

Advantages of using the biometric attendance system in India!

The benefits of the biometric attendance system in India are various such as it reduces our time-consumption, human labor and the most important is that we don't have to put any effort into managing attendance. Earlier these biometric machines were not much in use or we can say most of us were unaware of it.

The working process is completely automatic and therefore no one can interfere in between while managing attendance offline anyone can make changes in the information. Therefore manual attendance is not considered secure.

Using the biometric attendance system we can reduce our human labor which can be used somewhere else in places of need. It also increases the productivity of the company. Human labor is one of the most effective things required for increasing a company's efficiency. 

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