Reasons Why Biometric is Getting More Popular in The Past Decade?

Reasons Why Biometric is Getting More Popular in The Past Decade?

In current years, there has been a huge advancement in our technology sector. Former it was very easy to access someone’s mobile or device and another personal document without having any difficulty, but now with the "new safety methods," it has become much more difficult. There have been a large number of companies that provide us with security products and Transline technology is amongst the most trusted companies. Since the year 2001, it has given India many software solutions primarily in the harder looking fields like IT solutions and office automation.

Has Became the most reliable way to access our data -

 With the introduction of the Biometric in the security field, people feel more safe and secure about their personal data. Earlier when Biometric authentication was not in use, we use to protect our mobile phones with security pins and passwords and sometimes getting into trouble whenever we forget the passwords and resulting in loss of our data and time taken to overcome it. We also used to make sure that while entering the password that no one else is seeing it and hide it from others so that no one else except us can access our personal information. But now it has become very easy to make our device safe by using fingerprint or face recognition for accessing it.

 Biometric is Reliable- We feel free to use it anywhere and anytime. Fingerprints are now most commonly used in mobile phones, for entry in specific labs, even for Aadhar card registration it is required. It has been proven that even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints. So if we are using it for entering into a device we know the fact that our data is completely safe and no one else can make use of it.

Biometric authentication also includes iris recognition, retinal scan, fingerprints and voice command. It usually refers to the processes which are used to recognize and distinguish persons on the basis of their physical and behavioral characteristics.

Types of BIOMETRIC- It can be mainly divided into three main categories –

· Biological-It includes DNA blood. Each and everyone in this universe has its own and unique DNA structure.    

· Morphological-Consists of the shape of the hand, palms, fingerprints, face, iris, and voice. These aspects have a very low chance of similarity and are frequently most used.

· Behavioral- It includes handwritten signatures, various gestures, and way of walking.

Fingerprint RecognitionEach and every person has its own and unique fingerprints. A fingerprint contains about a hundred major features called minutiae. In most of the cases, a match between a dozen minutiae is needed in order to prove that the two given fingerprints are identical and this takes it to a high degree of certainty.

Facial Recognition All the facial recognition software’s are capable of identifying an individual according to their facial morphology. It also depends upon several other factors which include the quality of the captured image, and the power of the identification algorithms.

Iris RecognitionIris is present behind the cornea and is the colored part of our eye. It is formed before the birth of a person and changes are very little in it as we grow up. Therefore it has become a reliable identification technique.

Biometric products -We hold a large number of products which are being intensively used in various sectors and which are reliable. Many Products like BMT-20 iris scanner, Logitech webcam, Suprema Bio station L2 and, various others are available at affordable prices only at Not only hardware it also provides us with many software solutions.

 Easier than a password Now we don’t need to use ponderous passwords. For a password to be effective we need to change it at regular breaks. It must be complex, and not the same password should be used for many accounts. For people, Biometric authentication is far better than entering a complex password many times a day. It is more convenient to access various accounts with taken passwords in very little time and becomes much harder to hack biometric databases.

Applications of Biometrics - Whether used on a PC, smartphones or tablet, it is the best option for passwords and other identifiers. It ensures the security of various online transactions and services. We can make secure transactions by using our biometric. It is also used for the convenience of passengers at airports. For easy and secure access to public areas, at many delicate places. Biometric technologies are also used at borders to detect suspicious persons or empower access to persons who do not entail a risk.

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