Attendance system using Fingerprint is so famous, But why?

Attendance system using Fingerprint is so famous, But why?

 With the evolution of technology, we have improved our standard of living. Biometrics technology identifies the distinctive physiological features of an individual and eases our work. Using biometrics technology we can keep track of any student, employee or an individual that works in our office or company. Automated fingerprint system has replaced the older manual methods of managing attendance on registers. Using these biometric machines we can reduce our human labor as well as we can save our precious time. Among several biometric machines, the fingerprint machine is much in use nowadays. A large number of attendance system using fingerprint are now are being used in our day to day life. These devices have made our lives easier and more relaxing.

What are the Advantages of the attendance system using fingerprint?

Whenever we deal with the attendance system using fingerprint, we can avoid time registration frauds or most commonly known as buddy punching. Using fingerprint attendance system we can also reduce time-theft, forgotten pins, human error and lot of other issues of concern. All of them are explained below for a better understanding.

· Removes buddy punching – Buddy punching refers to the act of marking attendance of an individual which is not present, also commonly known as a proxy in colleges. Till then attendance was taken manually, such cases were common. But after the introduction of fingerprint attendance no more Buddy punching is done. Because everyone has got its unique fingerprints.

· Saves time – Fingerprint is recognized by using a biometric scanner which works fast. It rarely takes 1-3 seconds to recognize a fingerprint and gives access to the following individual. Among all other biometric devices, fingerprint attendance machine works more efficiently and is highly reliable. The attendance system using fingerprint is much more reliable than any other system or device.

· More secure – If seen in terms of terms security, biometrics is more secure than other methods like pins and passwords. We don't need to remember passwords all the time or carry our identity cards. Because while dealing with biometric machines we are a password. No one can get access to our place.

· Cost-effective – In recent years, prices of all biometric devices have gone low because of upcoming new products based on the latest technology. Earlier prices of these devices were not affordable due to which these were not much in use. The attendance system using fingerprint has a lot of benefits and that's why they are being used much in all sectors.

· Reports – We get complete details of our employees anytime we want to. It generates attendance reports or leaves took by them. We also can get the number of hours worked by them or breaks taken by them in between. Earlier it us to be very hectic to manage attendance records of such a large number of individuals.

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Benefits of using biometric attendance machines?

We use biometric machines in our day to day life because of the number of advantages it provides. The benefits of biometric attendance machines are various such as it reduces our time-consumption, human labor and the most important is that we don't have to put any efforts in managing attendance. Earlier these biometric machines were not much in use or we can say most of us were unaware of it. But now with the development of technology, biometric devices are trending nowadays.

You can prevent time theft and attendance abuse. You have the option to restrict access to certain rooms in your business. You can also simplify your entire attendance abuse. You can also simplify your entire attendance and record-keeping system. If you are interested in these benefits, then learn more about biometric attendance devices.

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