Which attendance system is best for a company?

Which attendance system is best for a company?

Both attendance devices either it may be fingerprint based attendance or it may be face recognition system are best suited for attendance purpose in an institution. According to a survey on number of users, fingerprint based attendance system is best for a company. Choosing the best depends upon a number of things that we have to keep in mind. Different people have their own different mindset and so accordingly they choose or select their product. Any attendance device that can increase the efficiency and productivity of the company is favourable and best for them.

How to know which attendance system is best for a company?

There is no such basic criteria to select best attendance system. Any system which meet our needs and requirements is best for us. Here are the few basic requirements that must be fulfilled in order to know that which attendance system is best for a company.

· Time-saving – Any attendance system which is being used must save our time, in case it fails to do so then it is of no use to our company. Since this device is fully automated it generates reports and data within no time. And due to this feature it is being widely used worldwide.

· Reduces human labor – While dealing with an attendance device all you have to do is to install it, and then since it is completely automatic it reduces human effort which can be used in other places of need. But in contrast maintenance cost can be a reason of worry for you.

· Accuracy rate – This is the main requirement for a company as everything depends upon correctness of the information. If the data is false or incorrect then using such machines will be waste. The main reason for not using manual methods for attendance was its inaccuracy as the chances of error were high in it.

· Reliable – Earlier people were not so sure while using such attendance devices because of lack of trust as well as knowledge. But now since people are aware with this, and use it fearlessly it has become highly reliable. Any attendance system is best for a company which fulfills all these above requirements.

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What’s the Need of attendance management system?

Attendance Management refers to the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime. It takes place in all educational campuses be they university, college or school. Earlier, taking attendance was a huge task for everyone in an institution. With the introduction, of the attendance management system, it has become easier and manageable. Adapting to modern technology has not only proven effective in handling time but also has the power to transform workplace wellness. One such example of the Attendance management system is ID one attendance management system. Such Products are only supplied to India by some of the most reliable companies and translineindia is one of them

Some best attendance system for a company  

In most of the places where attendance system is used for marking up attendance mostly fingerprint based attendance system and face recognition system as they are highly reliable, secure and cost effective.

Fingerprint based attendance system – Fingerprint of employees are used for marking up the attendance of the employees. It mostly takes a few seconds ranging from 1-3 seconds. It is more prevalent due to its affordable price and low-maintenance cost. Not only in companies it is also used at various other places like in hostels, colleges etc.

Face recognition system – It is also in much use these days but not as much as fingerprint system because its price is more than fingerprint system. Not everyone can afford these expensive devices for their own setup or business. The main advantage of using face recognition is that no individual has to come in contact with any of the device as it recognizes faces from a distance.

Overall we can conclude, any attendance system is best for a company if it has above mentioned characteristics and provides the need of the company.

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