How effective are fingerprint-based attendance systems?

How effective are fingerprint-based attendance systems?

 Marking up the attendance of the individuals has always been a hectic work. But now with newly introduced Biometric attendance systems, it has become a lot easier for us. Biometric devices include all the machines which deal with the identification and classification of human characteristics. Fingerprint based attendance systems are much effective than any other biometric device and also is highly reliable than any other attendance system. Fingerprint-based attendance systems are exclusively used for attendance purposes. Despite the fact that is used widely, doesn’t mean that it does not have any drawback. One of the major drawbacks of the fingerprint-based attendance system is that biometric spoofing is becoming more visible nowadays. Biometric spoofing means to fool the biometric system by imitating the biometric factor used by the individual.

Advantages of using the fingerprint-based attendance system

In today's world, we don't use anything that is not advantageous to us. Since it is used mostly in many places than it must be having certain benefits. If you have any confusion while choosing a fingerprint-based attendance system, then you must go through these given points to remove your doubts.

Productivity – Fingerprint based attendance system increases the productivity of the company. Outdated attendance systems are not reasonable to give accurate employee productivity reports. Using biometric devices allows you to eliminate time theft in office, reduces staffing overhead. It expels superfluous time spent in checking in and out, accommodating paper timesheets and buddy-punching. Furthermore, these unique mark based systems result in an increment of the workforce the board productivity.

Self- regulating – Before the use of these biometric-based attendance systems, employes have to spend a long time to calculate and monitor employee time and attendance. You can easily automate this process by installing a fingerprint based attendance system. Hence, it also reduces human labor and time use.

Diminishes Blunder rates – Since this is done biometrically, therefore, the chance of errors is very low as compared to earlier manual methods which were in use. Information and details that we get using these machines have a high accuracy rate. Hence, it has replaced all previous manual methods in very little time.

Cost-efficient – At the beginning of the biometric era, people do not rely on these machines and also they were costly- enough that not everyone could afford it. But now they all have a very affordable price so that one can install it easily.

Eradicate Buddy- punching – It is much commonly observed nowadays in offices and other institutions also. Buddy- punching refers to mark the attendance of an employee who comes late or remains absent by another employee on its behalf.

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Why use an attendance device?   

Using the Best Attendance device for imprinting the attendance is trending now. These attendance devices have now replaced the earlier traditional methods as they were time taking and also the chance of mistakes was high. But now using these devices we get accurate information within no time and also reduces human effort. Fingerprint based attendance systems are way far better than other manual methods. Using these systems we can provide a faster and more convenient method of verification other than using earlier methods like passwords or tokens and can get a reliable identification.

Applications of fingerprint-based attendance systems

· Most of the offices make use of the fingerprint-based system to keep a record of employee attendance.

· We use these devices for accessing our computers when we are so much forgetful to our passwords. Another advantage of using it is that no one else except you can access your device.

· Attendance Devices are also used in several government offices, to avoid information leakage, and to observe other criminal activities.

Since in these biometric machines identification and verification is very fast and the cost of installing a fingerprint-based attendance system is very low, therefore it is being used widely all over the world.

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