Is biometric technology secure?

Is biometric technology secure?

 The very first question that strikes our mind while using biometric devices comes is that ”Is Biometric technology secure enough to use”? “Will our data be safe using biometric devices"? The answer to this question is yes! Biometric provides us with a high level of security and makes our devices more secure and easily accessible. It also provides us with certain high-level security devices like iris scanner, vein recognition, face recognition, and fingerprint-based authentication. Now we don't need to remember passwords, no need to change them several times, we do not have to hide it from anyone. If compared to earlier methods of accessing or keeping our devices safe biometric has made it far easier to access and more secure also.

What makes biometric technology secure and safe?

Unique and characteristic features of the biometrics make biometric technology secure. Since most of the features of an individual vary therefore it becomes simple for a biometric device to recognize and give access. Some of its features that make it more reliable are as follows:-

· Uniqueness – Since biometric has its unique features therefore, it becomes more reliable for us since no one else except you can access the data. It uses features like fingerprints, face or iris or retinal scan because all of the following have very less probability of duplication.

· Accuracy rate – Biometric devices provide us with accurate data. Since a person's unique features are used therefore the chance of faking or forge is less as in the case of passwords.

·  Advantageous – Biometric technology is more convenient for both who are utilizing and overseeing it. For representatives, it's simpler to utilize biometric recognizable proof instead of recalling passwords or keeping an identification or ID card on their individual consistently. They can also be used in a scope of security checkpoints, for example, passages exit entryways to high-security zones and then some.

· Profitable – Using biometric devices we save a lot of our precious time and the chance of fraud is very low which makes biometric technology secure. It is effective in almost all places wherever it is used. Hence any individual/institution dealing with biometric technology is always in profit.

· Efficient working – Once the correct biometric device is installed then it provides you the best possible result with minimal effort. Since it is very easy to use and maintain and can be managed with ease. The biometric device takes around 2-3 second to identify and recognize an individual, therefore, is much efficient.

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What are the other attendance solutions to track attendance?

There are numerous attendance solutions to track attendance available in the market. Biometrics can be considered as the new attendance solution to track attendance. Biometrics ease our work of managing and tracking attendance in an institution Biometrics facilitate our work of overseeing and following participation in an establishment. You won't need to complete a thing. You simply need to kick back and let your representatives mark their participation. Utilizing these biometric gadgets you can dispose of the pointless manual participation framework.

Is “biometric technology secure” has become a question of concern?

Each and everything has two faces i.e. good one and a bad one. Till now we have been discussing the benefits and advantages that we get from it. Now we will look upon certain loopholes in it. With the development of technology biometric spoofing has become very common nowadays. This is the most important issue of concern which has to managed soon if we want to make biometric technology secure.

 Biometric spoofing refers to the act of fooling biometric device and gain access into it anyhow. For example – In our day to day life we leave our fingerprints on a lot of things from our coffee mug to door in our office which can be used by anyone. In the case of voice recognition, many people can replicate the voice of other people very well and can access in such places where voice recognition is used.

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